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A review of the show by Mofo
Discorder, Oct. 1992:

I was stoked for this one. I had been waiting for three years to see these two Johns and their wacky musical stylings. I came in to find that the Young Fresh Fellows were opening which was even cooler since I had not yet seen one of the northwest's few decent original bands. They, of course, got the joint moving with their anything-goes party music.

TMBG came on reasonably early (since the liquor Nazis decreed bars must be closed by midnight on the day of the Sabbath), starting off with "Apollo 18," an odd instrumental from the newest LP, followed by the bouncy "Ana Ng" from the Lincoln LP. The band sounded terrific, featuring large amounts of woodwinds substituting for the band's weird samples that appear on their albums. They played flawlessly.

I suspect most of the crowd had only heard "The Statue Got Me High," the single off the new album, because there were many perplexed looks from the crowd when they played their weirder stuff like "32 Footsteps" and "Boat of Car".
Some disappointments: they sold out of Fezzes and not many people danced with their dates (facrissakes! not many bands this cool that play good dancing type tunes come out here this often, so it would be nice if some of you clued in!).
Some cool things: they played "Billie Jean" AND "Frankenstein."
Some pissoffs: the assholes who pushed into me, yelling "Play Sabbath!" and the losers who wanted to start a slam pit (getta grip!).
But all in all, a great show!