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The They Might Be Giants Podcast is not only a collection of songs organized by the band, it is also, through narrator patters and short spoken segments, a host to a slew of fictional characters. Listed below — in order of appearance — are the names, descriptions, and supposed true identities of the fake personas whose voices appear in the podcast.

Character name Description Voiced by* Appears in
Cecil Portesque The host of TMBG's Podcast John Flansburgh (Except 1A, John Linnell) Multiple
The Deranged Millionaire Appeared out of contractual obligation, due to TMBG's completion of the Venue Songs challenge John Hodgman Podcast 3A
David Remnikopf Contributed "computer assisted, three-dimensional special effects" to the song "(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future" John Linnell Podcast 5A
Anne Hathaway Foley artist for "(She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future" John Linnell Podcast 5A
Julian Dufy TMBG's "longtime engineer and archivist" John Flansburgh Podcast 10A, Podcast 11A
Evan and Anderson Band members of "They Must Be Giants" John Flansburgh Podcast 26A
Squeeky Temporary host, filling in for Cecil John Flansburgh Podcast 53

*With the exception of John Hodgman, voice actors' true identities have been determined through original research using audio samples.

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