Julian Dufy

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Julian Dufy (last name pronounced "Duffy"), the "producer and archivist" of the They Might Be Giants Podcast, is one of TMBG's fictional characters, like Cecil Portesque, to come out of the podcast.

Julian was first introduced via TMBG.com's podcast page, which stated that the "program's producer and archivist is Julian Dufy." According to DialASong.com, Cecil only decided to work for the TMBG Podcast when "encouraged by longtime engineer and TMBG archivist Julian Dufy to return to the other side of the glass." Julian is the host of Podcast 10A and 11A, and while obviously not confirmed, the character's voice sounds strikingly similar to that of John Flansburgh, just in a much higher pitch than Flansburgh's speaking voice (just as Cecil is said to be Flansburgh in a much lower pitch).