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FormatRegionRelease DateLabelCat No.OwnersPurchase
Noalbumcover.jpg CD-R
2000 TMBG Music none 1 owners No auctions
Notes: Advance promo release; contains the demo version of Fibber Island
Nopromo.jpg E-CD
May 2002 Idlewild / Rounder 11661-8113-2A 1 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: US advance promo release
No.png E-CD
June 11, 2002 Idlewild / Rounder 11661-8113-2 108 owners $6.90 (3 auctions)
Notes: US CD release
No.png E-CD
June 20, 2002 Idlewild / Rounder 11661-8113-2 1 owners $6.90 (3 auctions)
Notes: Dutch CD release
No.png E-CD
September 2, 2002 Idlewild / Shock CTX169CD 7 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: Australian CD release
No.png E-CD
May 23, 2005 Warner 5046785652 1 owners (0 auctions)
Notes: UK re-release on the Warner label
No.png CD‑R
May 23, 2005 Disney Records none 1 owners No auctions
Notes: Promotional CD-R acetate released by Disney Records after the band signed to that label
No Deluxe.png DD
June 26, 2012 Idlewild none 9 owners No auctions
Notes: Tenth anniversary digital re-issue with seven bonus tracks