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Kinda reminds me of some early cartoons where some annoying animal is trying to teach morals to kids. It also kind of reminds me of clowns gone bad... huh... ~StarkRG

I think Flansy is trying to serruptitiously tell you to touch him. That's my interpretation though. And singing it as a little kid is obviously a cry for help. Flansy is obviously trying to tell us something bad about his childhood. Maybe that's how he lost his left testicle? ~ wooldrb

He lost his what now? ~ magbatz
I think they're getting confused by the Flans/Hitler poll. --Self Called Nowhere 06:20, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

It definitely sounds like he's mocking Barney, and those super-simple-moral-songs that really don't say anything at all. Actually, this song creeps me out. - JR


First time I heard this, was on an episode of Malcolm in The Middle (second one of first season, IINM. Cracked me up, and yes, reminded one of those songs meant to teach little kids morals, or whatever. Actually thought it was, till I googled it ("nice is better than mean) and this site came up as a result. NICE IS BETTER THAN MEAN


In Malcom in the Middle all of the characters major personality traits are ridiculously exxagerated, so I'm assuming they did the same with the song (a souped up version of morality songs for children) to match with the theme of the show.

Um. Yes. Hence the use of the word "torturing" in the song's description. The whole point of the song is that it's way way over the top of that sort of thing, I thought that was pretty clear... --Self Called Nowhere 06:18, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

the true form of this songs meaning[edit]

It is quite clear to me that this song is one with many levels of depth to it. The true meaning of this song is very complex, and it may not be understood at first listening. The meaning of this song is as follows: Nice is good. Mean is bad. Now, this is an interpetation which may seem slightly far fetched and unlikely. Perhaps yours differs, focusing more on the metaphysical implications of hugs being better than thugs, or perhaps on the connotations of the "Magic land" mentioned in the first verse. I disagree with these theories, but do admit to their merit.


the singer advocates eugenics (i mean where do you expect language like "smart is good, dumb is bad, don't be dumb cuz dumb is bad" and "don't be a thug cuz thugs are bad" to end up) and then disturbingly requires the listener to touch parts of his body and tells them to give him their stuff ("sharing's neat, i want you to share your stuff in my magic house"). also his laugh is CREEPY. this is the kind of guy who even though you don't trust law enforcement you really hope you open up the paper one day and read that he's arrested. he's probably also a giant rabbit. --Ncrecc (talk) 00:38, 12 August 2022 (EDT)