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Monster-truck-hearse.jpg All of us are wondering when this user's gonna die.

Spider.png Get rid of this user. Must stop.

DLStart2.jpg N, do we need, apostrophe, T, need this user?

Dial-A-Song Sticker.png This user prefers Dial-a-Song Compilation Bootlegs to albums. I mean, really? Come on.

AKA Wibi. AKA "Who the fuck is that weirdo?" followed by the sound of several rocks hitting one's skull.

9 favorite things:

  • Spiders and "bugs" in general. Spider is a cool song because it's like, people alternating between praising this spider and saying death threats at it (including one guy going "I promise not to kill you." in a creepy way).
  • Refutal of the importance of arbitrary internet dignity and potentially being doxxed and attacked, consequently.
  • Building a little empire out of some crazy garbage called the blood of the exploited working class.
  • Lists not of previously stated lengths.

Enjoy the upbeat userboxes.

(Also: the "prefers Dial-a-Song bootlegs to albums" thing is mostly a joke, but unlike albums, nobody is going to tell me the proper way to listen to a bootleg or its place in the band's history or how I should feel about it.)

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