Guitar Tab:Nice Is Good, Mean Is Bad

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Nice Is Good, Mean Is Bad
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: F Major
Year: 2000

F             Bb            C                     F                        C   
Hold my hand, walk with me, I need you to hold my hand And walk to a magic land
F             Bb          C                            F                       C 
Nice is good, mean is bad Don't be mean 'cause mean is bad Nice is better than mean
F             Bb             C                                F                        C   
Hugs are good, thugs are bad Don't be a thug 'cause thugs are bad Hugs are better than thugs
F             Bb            C                          F                         C   
Smart is good, dumb is bad Don't be dumb 'cause dumb is bad Smart is better than dumb
F             Bb            C                            F                      C   
Love is good, hate is bad Don't you hate 'cause hate is bad Love is better than hate

And so on...