Always Be Giants (Demo)

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song name Always Be Giants
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Podcast 51, Leaked 1999 Studio Tape
year 1997
run time 1:00, 0:30
sung by John Flansburgh


  • This is a demo for the Coke Radio Ad created for Coca-Cola by John Flansburgh. One of the melodies present in the ad also appears as a theme in the Mono Puff song, "Poison Flowers" ("Who's going to wear my sandals stained with Coca-Cola" / "Who's going to wear my sandals stained with cherry soda") The "thirsty cyborg with..." line appeared in live versions of "Born In A Graveyard", which later became "Dan Vs. Cog".
  • There are at least four different versions of this demo, three of them being on the Leaked 1999 Studio Tape. Most of them contain different splices and edits, with one being shortened to 0:30, and another including an instrumental record-scratching interlude.

Song Themes

Colors, Doors, Recycled Material, Robots, Trade Names


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