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I'm a stage actor, singer, musician (guitar, bass, drums, piano, etc.) and songwriter.

Least favorite album: Mink Car. Although it has many great tracks (and some good ones), it's a bit of a mess and some of the songs were far overcooked compared to their original versions/demos.

Favorite TMBG songs: Ana Ng, Fingertips, Dead, No One Knows My Plan, My Man, A Self Called Nowhere, Where Your Eyes Don't Go, Museum Of Idiots, They'll Need A Crane, She's An Angel, She Was A Hotel Detective (the sequel version), The End Of The Tour, Don't Let's Start, Dinner Bell and The Statue Got Me High, to name just a few.

You could say I have a definite Linnell bias, as he is one of my top five songwriters of all time, although I do love Flans.

Least favorite: Theme From Flood (does that even count?), Particle Man, Another First Kiss, Au Contraire and the Mink Car version of Finished With Lies.

TMBG songs I like that everyone else seems to loathe: Wicked Little Critta, Mr. Xcitement, You'll Miss Me, Santa's Beard.

Favorite TMBG solo project: Hello The Band. I went through a period in college where I'd come back to my dorm every day and play this right around sunset. I was oddly obsessed with it.

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