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According to the Weep Day (Demo) page, normal Weep Day is different from the DAS version and therefore wasn't on Dial-A-Song, Power Of Dial-A-Song, and Free When You Call From Work. So should we take those releases back off of this page? ~Drew

The energy of this early Giants song transcends the low-fi recording and it's one of the greats. With just the two of them and early drum machines the band were forced into finding musical solutions that a normal band wouldn't face and the result were often idiosyncratic arrangements that made the band sound like no one else. The lyrics on this song embrace the late 60s fashion of "random" to far greater effect than most bands of the time managed and intelligent absurdity of it and the sing song nature of the melody (wonderful sharing of vocals) embeds itself into the memory. Such was the abundance of material at the time that this song was left off early mainstream releases. This song gives us a glimpse of what those early Giants shows must have been like. (Mr Tuck)