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"T-Shirt" cover art from iTunes
Music video for "T-Shirt"

song name T-Shirt
artist They Might Be Giants
releases T-Shirt (Single)
year 2005
run time 2:10
sung by John Linnell


  • This song was originally meant to be on Here Come The ABCs between "D Is For Drums" and "ZYX" according to an early tracklisting on tmbg.com, but was instead released only as an iTunes-exclusive digital single for 99 cents (which is no longer available for purchase).
  • Clips of the "T-Shirt" video appear in the background of the video for "Can You Find It?", but the actual video itself had remained unreleased until it was posted to YouTube by the video's animators, Asterisk, in January 2007. In the YouTube description, it was sarcastically stated the song was considered "TOO HARDCORE for the big D corporation."

Song Themes

Animals, Clothes, Food, Letters Of The Alphabet, Money, Plans, Recursion, Shapes, Temperature, Trees And Other Plants


  • Official video - Watch it on Youtube.png

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