Songs Incorrectly Attributed To TMBG

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Every once in a while, songs are passed around on peer-to-peer networks with incorrect tags. Often, songs that have nothing to do with They Might Be Giants are marked as being songs by them, much like hundreds of songs are incorrectly attributed to "Weird Al" Yankovic on file sharing networks. This page seeks to set the record straight.

  • 88 Lines About 44 Women- This long "speak song" is by the The Nails. (It is also occasionally listed as a Nine Inch Nails cover, hence the confusion.) John Flansburgh commented on the misconception: "Fact #88 We had nothing to do with 88 Lines about 44 Women. Shows you what one misinformed napster post in 1999 can do."[1]
  • Backyardigans - This is the name of a kids' show on Noggin. Though TMBG has done other themes for similar shows, they had nothing to do with this one.
  • The Banana Slug Song - This song, which discusses *eating* Banana Slugs, is by Severe Tire Damage. It's available for free download on the site (with all other STD songs).
  • The Beer Song - In addition to TMBG, this song is often misattributed to Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park. The actual performer is unknown, but the song's tune comes from Bizet's "Carmen Overture".
  • Can't Find My Eye - This song was tacked on the end of the then unreleased "Mr. Xcitement" before Mink Car came out. It's by the group Snot Patties.
  • Chewbacca (mistagged as "Chewbacca, What A Wookie") - Of "Clerks" fame. Actually by Supernova
  • Everything You Know is Wrong- A style parody of TMBG by "Weird Al" Yankovic.[2]
  • Existential Blues- A 6-minute bout of nonsense loosely based on "The Wizard of Oz". This is sung by Tom "T-Bone" Stankus.
  • Fish Heads - Ironically, this Barnes & Barnes song used to beat out TMBG on Dr. Demento's weekly countdown.
  • Flight Of The Barking Death Squirrels - An entertaining song by The Gland Puppies. It almost seems as if they were intentionally trying to spoof TMBG - soundalikes for each John are very obvious.
  • Get in Line - A song written and performed by Barenaked Ladies for the animated series King of the Hill.
  • Gin and Juice - A cover of the classic rap song by Dr. Dre with Snoop Doggy Dogg, this is actually by the Gourds, but has been attributed to Oar, Phish, Blues Traveler, Barenaked Ladies, Ween and They Might Be Giants. (But, like most songs wrongly credited to Weird Al, it is unknown WHY someone would think this song is TMBG.)
  • I Be An Retarded (aka "I Am Retarded") - While some may find it to be comical, do you really think TMBG would do a song that mocks mentally handicapped people? The real artist is Hemorrhoy Rogers and the RRhoid Boyz.
  • Icon - This was once the only previewable song on TMBG's page, though they are not affiliated with this song at all. It is by James Call (son of rock star Alex Call of Clover), who cites TMBG as a direct influence.
  • Internet Sandman - Also sometimes called Metallica vs. Napster. By some guy named Johnny Crass who was clearly upset when Lars and his buds sued Napster. Giants fans didn't really care.
  • King of Spain - This song is by Moxy Früvous. It should be noted that the band's name is actually in the song, thus making the TMBG credit even more ridiculous!
  • Mexican Radio - This song is by Wall Of Voodoo, and sung by Stan Ridgway. It also came out in 1983, which is a little early for it to be a TMBG song.
  • New Jersey - This parody of several of John Linnell's State Songs was spread amongst the They fans, at some point being incorrectly labeled as actually by Linnell. The MP3 is labelled as being a "style parody of Iowa and Nevada," though the track itself is very bizarre. Roughly half the song is a strange, reverb-filled sound collage that features, among other things, a guy talking about Pokemon. (?!)
  • Putting on the Ritz (remake) - Taco performs this sort of TMBG-ish cover of an old Irving Berlin song. The song Istanbul (Not Constantinople), written by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon (1953), is covered by the Giants and is based on the tune of Ritz.
  • Spiderman - This one's from Moxy Früvous, a band which is influenced by TMBG, but isn't them. There's also a version of this by Tenacious D that has been falsely tagged as by TMBG and Früvous.
  • Star Wars Cantina - This song is a parody by Mark Jonathan Davis.
  • The History of Everything - The Big Bang Theory theme which is sung by Barenaked Ladies.
  • The Safety Dance - This New Wave hit by Men Without Hats about pogoing is misattributed to TMBG, and mistitled "We Can Dance If You Want To."