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Review by Scragz:
This was so long ago that it's hard to remember. Highlights were the massive conga line for The Guitar and Flans scolding people for moshing. I somehow managed to get an all-access pass thing from someone and Flans was rude to me after the show. Also, I remember them saying that they had to play Doctor Worm twice by contract or something weird like that and it was their only encore.


Hahahaha! They totally played Dr. Worm twice! I was laughing! This was the only time I've seen em outside, and this was when Street Scene was still really cool. I actually have a ton of pics from this show. I should put em up somewhere...

Wireless mike:

My very first show! Here's a quote from Flans and the lyrics for Everybody Conga improvised before No One Knows My Plan:

"Born in a graveyard, raised in a garage, he’s a thirsty cyborg with a taste for human flesh. More machine than man, he’s our drummer Mr. Dan Hickey and he wants to hear you scream! If there weren't children in the audience right now I'd be saying swear words saying, 'He wants to hear you scream.' You would not believe the swear words I'd be saying right now. It would be like I had turrets. Ladies and Gentlemen he wants to hear you scream!"

"Everybody conga / Lose your ride home / Put your hands on the hips of a stranger / Lose your old friends / Make brand new friends / With your hands on the hips of a stranger / Regional Conga line leaders raise your hands / Find your friends / Get your friends to put their hands on your hips / Okay we need some other regional conga line people over here / Can you hear the pulse ladies and gentleman? / You can hear the pulse of the kick drum / I can't shake these guys / Everybody conga / With your hands on the hips of a stranger / Lose your ride home / The song is 3 minutes long / Conga line move faster / Get out of their way / Do you not understand what I'm saying to you now? / Drunk people conga / Shy people conga / Security people conga / Cops conga / Everybody conga / Conga line go faster / And faster / And faster / And here comes the song"