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Hmmmmm.. {g}
"one of these things is not like the other... one of these things just doesn't belong...."
..well. this was; something..
we got to lasalle park around 2-ish. sat through esthero (2 songs took up what, 20 minutes.. !?), the [amazing] royal crowns (weren't that bad.. though, not that much variety, and they could have called the crowd "fuckers" a little less..), sprung monkey (yuck! bleh! yick! worse than i imagined! i don't like their single but i expected them to be tolerable.. nope.. "guys who have girlfriends, keep your eyes on that bitch!" ::sigh:: ...), god lives underwater (not HORRIBLE but they sound better on the radio {g})... anyway, it was worth it. i think. ;)
got up to the stage around 5 as buffalo tom was playing on the other stage - couldn't even hear them. luckily the thrashers for the most part had left the area.. (only about 3 "pass the dude" dudes were brought down over my head). it was very crowded, but devoted tmbg fans for the most part around me, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. not to say it was great. :P i had to look behind me every 2 minutes. the crowd was still awful... most of them were there to see the loud crappy bands... tmbg didn't impress them. :P~
They *finally* came on, linnell looked really ill to me, but then i assumed he just must have been napping. :] they opened with "i am not your broom" which was somewhat of a disaster.. ..the angry people in the back throwing frisbees (some local bank had set up a booth giving away free mini promotional frisbees... mistake!) and bottles of water at the stage (at one point a garbage can flew at the stage, but 2 security guards caught it... ).... and shoving.. linnell said "don't throw shit at the band... please?" :} ..there were stupid green frisbees being thrown all throughout the show. :P
the next song was WDTSS, then (i think) istanbul - with the confetti cannon.. they also did birdhouse, dr. worm, shoehorn, the guitar, people vs. apes, no one knows my plan, ana ng (slow intro), new york city...hrm, maybe one or 2 more. and i FINALLY got to see the velcro horns, woo hoo! (actually i spotted jim o'connor earlier watching god lives underwater's set {g})...
met flans after the show... he signed my tire damage cover. i said "hey, i saw you and mono puff at the central park show.." and he was like "oh wow, that's great! thanks for coming out!" etc. :)
umm.. hm, i guess that's it, eh? oh and maybe i should mention, at the merch table, they were selling all the old singles (well, the misc t ones.. & WDTSS) on vinyl and/or cassette... I got the crane 5" cd. :) so DON'T go paying $20 or so for it online... you can buy it from the band for $5. :)