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Setlist: (Incomplete!)

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Justin Richter -

I remeber this show. Me and my X went to it to se TMBG (instead of the Grateful dead at Autzen). Social Distortion, Helmet, X, Everclear, Belly and TMBG is all I can remember. The whole crowd was Bouncing back and forth for TMBG (which rocked the F out!!). Helmet was awesome, Everclear was really good (before the hit single, and bleached hair), social distortion were really raw, and X were the best! oldschool punk but laid back groove. I have 1 picture from outside before the show. (I had to piss really bad for 1 hour waiting in line.)

Jeremy Kowalis -

I worked production at this event. I have been looking for a copy of this poster for many years. I would be very interested in buying an original or a copy of this show poster! please contact