Not In 4-4 Time

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The following songs do not follow the conventional 4/4 time signature in all or part of the song:

2/2 (Cut Time)[edit | edit source]

2/4[edit | edit source]

3/4[edit | edit source]

5/4[edit | edit source]

6/4[edit | edit source]

7/4[edit | edit source]

  • It Was A Very Good Year - The first bar of the second verse - apparently to give the singer time to say "the square root of a negative number" in one bar
  • Sketchy Galore - The "he looks down, down, down" section
  • Women & Men - The verses alternate between 7/4 and 6/4 (see above).

10/4[edit | edit source]

6/8[edit | edit source]

7/8[edit | edit source]

9/8[edit | edit source]

  • Drink! - At the transition of each verse to the chorus. The rest is in 3/4.
  • Pirate Girls Nine - Chorus is in 9/8, bridge is in 6/8, verse is in 2/4. 8th note stays constant throughout. Otherwise the song alternates 4/4 in the verses and 3/4 in the chorus and bridge.

12/8[edit | edit source]