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I'm Acey. I like Homestuck, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and (obviously) TMBG. Happy to be here.

I first got into TMBG sometime around 2005, maybe 2004. I was hugely into Homestar Runner, and I would watch the video for Experimental Film over and over. (Or over and overture, if you prefer.) I quickly branched out from there. The first TMBG album I bought was A User's Guide; the first non-compilation album I bought was The Spine.

I have seen TMBG live a total of...I think eleven or twelve times. My first show was a 2007 show at the Rio in Santa Cruz. (If you listen closely to the recording of Phone Calls From The Dead from that concert, you can hear my voice--I'm the last one shouting "Firefox!". I know, my voice is awful.)

I have met both Johns, as well as Marty and Danny--just gotta meet Dan now! :P My most prized possession is a guitar pick Flans dropped at my first TMBG show. :D I also own a copy of the Wired release of Long Tall Weekend, and it is my baby. Most recently I got one of Marty's drum heads!

I have a tattoo of the money-burning snowman on my left thigh, and it is awesome.

Everyone who has ever been in TMBG is awesome. (Except the drum machine, he always struck me as being kind of a dick.) John favoritism is problematic. I also generally prefer their full-band music, but really all their albums are great.

Other places you can find me include Tumblr (damaramegido), Archive Of Our Own (AceyEnn), and deviantART (DuendeDefined).