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I'm Trapezoid, aka Neil Cicierega. TMBG have been my favorite band for a few years now, although I sadly have yet to see them perform live. ONE DAY I WILL. YES. Here are a few links to various internet things I am responsible for: Animutation Central Lemon Demon Evil Trail Mix Potter Puppet Pals My Livejournal


If you're new here, you might have missed that you're on the Recommendation Grid. In any event, small world, this intarweb. -- Veloso

Heh, I actually added it myself a little while ago, as well as Cafe Tacuba, Cake, and Mr. Bungle. -- Trapezoid

HI NEIL. it's hard to believe you haven't seen a TMBG concert yet, because, well, they're so awesome. i'm sure you will someday. and i need to see them again. --Nathew

It is indeed a small webnet worldy thing. Hello, Kneel and "SODIUM!" (yay for MST3K references) - Tgies and stuff

Yo, amigos. I just realized each of us is a homespun rock star of some sort. Cool. And yes, I need to see Them play. Someone poke me when they have a show here in MA. In the meantime, y'all go to the recommendation grid and give Lemon Demon some plusses. -- Trapezoid

"I just realized each of us is a homespun rock star of some sort." That would be true if I had released more than about 0 songs. Whining about my inability to finish anything is a registered trademark of The Happy Thrix, a division of Squeeze The Cat Enterprises (Carpe Felis!). - Tgies

You have seen TMBG live. - ?

So YOU'RE The Harry Potter Puppet Pals guy! Awesome! --33marzi

I've been in love with your Animutations ever since you released Japanese Pokerap, which was, what, four years ago? I personally believe you're the most creative genius ever alive in the history of the world. I used to invite friends over, and we'd just sit for hours watching all of your Animutations at night, laughing our assess off to the point where we could hardly breathe (we weren't even under the influence of anything). You've referenced basically everything I love and have ever loved, from video games to movies to music in your animations, and I respect you heavily for that. I also began to take notice when John Linnell started popping up here and there in your Flashes, and thought that was very neat. Neil, you CHANGED MY LIFE. I HEART YOU, SIR. :D -CapitalQ

You're the reason I got into TMBG. I'm a big Lemon Demon fan, even though sometimes you have a bit of a whiny bitch voice. -Blindfold

When's Dinosaurchestra coming out? -AtionSong

Hehe. With iTunes on shuffle, TMBGs Santa's Beard started and then within a few seconds I skipped that song and it immediately started playing Consumer Whore by Lemon Demon. A nice lil homage to the Giants with the introduction there. Intenetional or accident? ~ Anklepants

You really should see TMBG live. They are the coolest. O_o I went to see them at the Tulip fest.

Hola, Neil! I adore the Lemon Demon songs I've heard, and Potter Puppet Pals is hysterical. You wanna know something...I've never seen TMBG live either. I will someday! I promise! (SORRY JOHN & JOHN) You keep up the good work, fellow New Englander, and keep rockin' the Intarnetz. --Overjoy 18:18, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

--- hey neil, just thought id let you know that im a fan of your work. i tihnk my brother knows your sister too... not that thst'd releveant or anything.

I just wanted to say I enjoy your music, also did you write "Ebaums World Dot Com" when he took one of your Potter Puppet Pal episodes or was it before that? Oh also I totally agree with you on the song, Eric Bauman really is an asshole, the sad thing is the sites still up and going.User:Mr_knucklehead

Neil, you're a genius. --Dunklekuh81

Hi, there. You're awesome. That's all. --Apollo

Hello Neil. I just wanted to state publicly that I have a huge talent-crush on you. You're like, what made me want to listen to TMBG. *coughiloveyoucough* bye. --sparkling omelets

What's up, Neil? I never knew you were a TMBG fan. Could you ask them to do a collab album with them? If so, that would be radical! 12:42, 20 November 2022 (EST)

Neil is indeed a massive TMBG fan, he’s said on his Tumblr that he taught himself music theory as a kid by playing their songs on the piano (with chord sheets downloaded off TMBW). Plus, he covered Birdhouse In Your Soul on the Lemon Demon album “Live From the Haunted Candle Shop.” And he also met the Johns at a Here Come the ABCs signing and gave them a copy of his album “Damn Skippy”! —-FloridaFlamingoGirl, 13:11, 20 November 2022 (PST)
Hey Neil! What's your favorite TMBG song and album, if you have more than one, that's a-okay! Ms. Xcitement (talk) 17:35, 30 January 2023 (EST)

An Important Vine[edit] --put baked potato but don't (talk) 12:25, 26 March 2016 (EDT)