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Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

Linnell 45.gif This user's favorite John is John Linnell.

The Spine Surfs Alone.png This user's favorite EP is The Spine Surfs Alone .

Accordion 45a.gif This user plays accordion

Bass 45.gif This user plays bass.

Drums 45.gif This user plays drums.

Guitar 45.gif This user plays guitar.

Babel keyboard.jpg This user plays keyboard.


Hey. This user's name is Michael, and has been an on/off fan since 2002 and a pretty devoted fan since 2009. Since becoming a devoted fan, this user has spent considerable time lurking on this here might be a wiki, never really having significant enough opinions to make any real changes. Being based in the UK and 19 years of age, this user is yet to see Men, They Are Giants in concert, which is a source of abundant stress and discomfort, and hence this user takes solace in the fact that there are other marvellous bands in the United Kingdom of a similar calibre to Men, They Are Giants such as Misty's Big Adventure.

Additional section[edit]

Furthermore, this user is involved in a solo music project named That Something Piñata, the music of which is available here, and an associated YouTube channel over at this page.

This user would like to thank you for reading this user page, and would like to apologise for it being such an underdeveloped page.