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hello perzon from the interwebz, it iz i, Joey (NO NOT JOEY RAMONE >:[). thiz iz my magical and wonderful page full of silly thingz.


HAIII :P! i'm Joey and i luv TMBG!! i like Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Hole and some other bandz! i'm very silly and wacky and i have so many silly interestz. i love meeting new people who share my music taste and interestz.

i luv TMBG's songz about heartbreak, and by that i mean Maybe I Know, I'll Sink Manhattan, Plain As The Lie On Your Lips (Plain As The Lie On Your Lips is one of my all-time favoritez!!), Museum Of Idiots, Narrow Your Eyes, etc, etc.

if you'd like to learn more about me and see my favorite TMBG songz (by that i mean onez i currently like right now), click here.

How I Got Into TMBG[edit]

i got into TMBG in about early or late November of 2022. i firzt liztened to Flood and i waz completely in love with it :P. i then found other friendz who liked TMBG and liztened to some more albumz. i am incredibly in love with John Linnell becauze he'z so silly!!!

Fun Factz[edit]

  • i have ADHD.
  • i'm a Riot Grrrl.
  • i have 5 catz.
  • i'm a Homestar Runner, Moral Orel, Thomas the Tank Engine, Homestuck and Eddsworld fan.
  • my favorite showz are Portlandia, South Park, Freaks and Geeks and The Office (US).
  • i'm genderfluid and pansexual and use she/they pronounz.
  • my bday iz May 1st.
  • i've gotten my dad into TMBG.
  • i've dated 1 TMBG fan.
  • i wanna be a cryptozoologist when i grow up.
  • i enjoy watching Buzzfeed Unsolved sometimez.
  • i love writing TMBG fanfiction.
  • i like making slideshowz on my interestz.
  • i have a typing quirk, az you can see.
  • i have an unhealthy obsession with root beer and teriyaki seaweed.
  • i keysmash when i'm excited but also when i'm laughing in text.
  • i love Hank Green and John Green.
  • my idol is Carrie Brownstein (she'z in Sleater-Kinney and she waz on Portlandia).
  • i call old men babygirl.
  • i love saying yippie.
  • my MBTI type iz INFP.
  • i love 2 make journal pagez of TMBG songz and albumz.
  • i may have autism, but i'm not diagnosed with it.
  • i am obsessed with Bluef00t's comic idea, X and Y Rule the World. i am so obsessed with it that i made my own original character for it :P

My Collection[edit]

Mrs.Xcitement's Collection
Direct From BrooklynJoin UsMink CarThey Might Be Giants (Album)Venue SongsWhy?

(i'll add the rest when i can)