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My dad got me into TMBG when he bought me the No! CD. I didn't think that much of them until I heard the Schikele Mix episode about repitition, where they mentioned and played Fingertips. Having heard it only once and loved it, I wanted to hear it again, so I got Apollo 18. The

I'm trying to find a copy of the 1985 Demo Tape. If anyone knows where I can find a stray copy, let me know. (I tried eBay already.)

BTW, "Metal Detector" is not my favorite song in the entire world. Actually, it's Purple Toupee. But, as you can see, it's already taken.

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Current TMBG Song Stuck In My Head: "Sleepwalkers"

Previous Songs: "Why Does The Sun Shine?" --- "Experimental Film" --- "Rest Awhile"