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IndestructibleObject.png This user's favorite EP is Indestructible Object.

Linnell 45.gif This user's favorite John is John Linnell.

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I'm a fairly new TMBG fan, but I love everything about the band. Their songs put a smile on my face, and there's nothing better than that!

Apparently, I bought my first TMBG mp3 on March 15, 2007. I'd read John Linnell's iTunes playlist, and immediately realized I had to get with the program and start listening to this guy's music! (Of course, I love Flansy, too. :-) )

They played at the 9:30 club in DC once, one of the only places they ever come near here... And I thought, 'Well, I'm not that big of a fan,' and forgot all about it.

Then I re-listened to The Else's Bonus CD. Realized I am a big fan. And I nearly died of regret.

Now I've set myself straight, fandom-wise, and have accepted my TMBG obsession. Yay!

The Goods

I own a ton of EPs, 'Flood,' 'The Else'(with bonus CD), 'Lincoln,' 'Apollo 18,' 'The Spine,' and 'Factory Showroom.'

Favorite things about TMBG

-The name John "Doodles" Linnell

-The (She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future Commentary ("No, no, I... I am a girl. I'm a girl.")

-Puppet Johns!

-John F.'s high pitched, Bowie-esque "Oh! Radio!" on 'Greasy Kid Stuff'

-"Don't Let's Start' music video. Gangly, swoon-worthy, hyper Linny!

-"Doctor Worm" music video. Gangly, swoon-worthy, sad Linny!

-John F.'s story about trying to greet a fan in the inner city.

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