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Hey everyone! I'm FlinnsyFan. I knew about certain TMBG projects years before I started actually listening to them seriously.

My Introduction to TMBG[edit]

For example, my first exposure was in fourth grade. My science student teacher put on "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and the entire class started giggling at Flansy's voice, myself included, I am ashamed to admit.

In eighth grade, a friend of mine was obsessed with "Particle Man," even though he only ever sang one verse, and when we had to choose team names for the science fair, he went solo and that was his name.

I also knew that "Boss Of Me" was a TMBG song (and I watched a lot of Malcolm In The Middle; my sister had a crush on Frankie Muniz), but I really didn't think much of it. It wasn't until this year, when I decided to use an eMusic gift card I received for Christmas, that I really started seriously listening to them. (I had always known that I was going to like them once I really started listening.)

More About Me[edit]

I play clarinet and keyboard (just like Linnell).

My username? I wanted to abbreviate TMBG in a way which was less than obvious. I came up with "Flinnsy," a portmanteau of "Flansy" and "Linnell."

I have found that if I pull my hair away from my face, I look a little bit like a young John Flansburgh. This is mildly disquieting, as I'm female.

I'm working on reclaiming my lost ambidexterity (and I've very nearly found it), even though I already do everything except writing with my left hand (ironing, air guitar, etc.).

Oh, and I'm a supertaster.

My TMBG Collection[edit]

I have drastically improved my collection since I last updated this page. My collection now includes:

  • The Pink Album
  • Lincoln
  • Flood
  • Apollo 18
  • John Henry
  • Long Tall Weekend
  • The Spine (autographed [w00t!] though tragically purchased secondhand)
  • The Else (with bonus CD)
  • Here Come the 123s (Amazon CD/DVD set)
  • Istanbul EP
  • Why Does the Sun Shine? EP
  • The Guitar EP

Things I Like About TMBG[edit]

Linnell wrote and sings most of TMBG's most popular songs, but it was one of Flansy's songs that won them a Grammy. Things even out.

Their lyrics are witty and inspired, and really looking into them often reveals surprising depth.

I love their voices! They're so different than anything else I've ever heard.

Their music can always lift me out of a depressed mood, and more often than not I end up singing and dancing along.

And, oh yeah, their tendency to give away free music.

And that's all I can think of to say!