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1. The pro is here to fix the page, to save the day / Wiki little critter! (15 March 2012)
2. Aren't you the wiki who hit me in the eye? (23 April 2012)
3. 'Cause I know nothing's gonna change my wiki ever anymore (30 May 2012)
4. 'Cause I know Lina.abukhlaif's not gonna change my wiki ever anymore (30 May 2012)
5. It's not John's birthday. It's not today. It's not his birthday, so let's get back to the wiki. (13 June 2012)
6. I'm trapped in a wiki before later on / Where's my previous version? / Where's the set of personal tools that elude me? (31 July 2012)
7. Hip hip wiki wiki me today / Happy wiki wiki me today / Hip hip wiki wiki me today / Happy wiki wiki me today (31 August 2012)
8. Bustin' my pirate hump / Rockin' my peg-leg stump / My mind naturally turns to edit the wiki / Edit the wiki, yeah (19 September 2012)
9. I'm patrolling all the details / Of the Marty Beller pages / 'Cause I'm really Wiki Houston / On the wiki (01 November 2012)
10. Once a user named MisterMe bemoaned a great regret: / "I can't keep up with the Song Themes and make this a better wiki / I wound up sad, you bet" (08 November 2012)
11. You're not the boss of the wiki now / And you're not so big (09 January 2013)
12. TMBW / Is one wiki / TMBW / Are not four (10 January 2013)
13. One thousand edits / Sure he thinks that's bold. / One thousand edits / But what does he know? / In your wiki pages, my indolent admins / He's done one thousand edits. (21 January 2013)
14. (She wants) She wants to see you edit / (She wants) She wants to see you edit / Slowly twistin' (Twistin'! [Twistin'!]) / In the Wiki / (Twistin'!) Twistin' twistin' (Twistin'! [Twistin'!]) / In the Wiki (30 January 2013)
15. It is our birthday / It is today / It is our birthday, so please don't revert the Wiki (25 February 2013)
16. It's not our birthday / It's not today / It's not our birthday, so thanks for not reverting the Wiki. (26 February 2013)
17. Me and my wiki / We got a bunch of spam / Me and my wiki / And Duke33 got them banned (21 May 2013)
18. Marty gets the birthday / And I edit this page / Don't walk away from the wiki / It's a happy birthday / How will I know? / Read the wiki (10 July 2013)
19. Wiki / Brought user-led editing to the world / Brought TMBW to the world (02 August 2013)
20. Wiki site, I'm in love with you / Want to edit you, wiki site / Are you going to say this tagline can never be? / Are you going to say to me, wiki site? (03 September 2013)
21. Administrators / Revising for me / Administrators / Revise! (12 September 2013)
22. 200 edits / Exciting just to think about / Now that I've done 200 edits / The thought of all those edits makes me weak (27 September 2013)
23. I saw my baby fix the wiki here / She revised once and whispered, "now that's clear" / I saw my baby fix the wiki here / I wish it would close, she even edits on her phone! (06 December 2013)
24. Careless Admin / Spoiled my editing time / Thoughtless Admin / How can I forgive him? / Editing my user page all day long / A working wiki / Was all I asked him for / Down the internet it came / One MediaWiki fix / Landed on my page and broke it (10 December 2013)
25. It's a new year / Careful what you click / There's no going back / You'll get lost inside the wiki / It's its own world (02 January 2014)
26. What do you think--what do you make out of that webpage? / I don't know, Gloria, I just do-- / Some kind of encyclopedia. Edited by all kinds of people, right? / Yeah. / And then it says another page is edited every time you visit this wiki, right? / Yeah, right. / Does that make any sense to you? / No, it doesn't make no sense to me. (11 February 2014)
27. I've never seen a wiki like this before / But then again, there's never been / A wiki like this before like TMBW / And someone's got to be the one to declare / That they want to be next in line to edit TMBW (19 February 2014)
28. Red marks on the changes page / Telling me they're not the same / Are they minor, are they clear? / Checking them to see what's there / Come on Page Patrol / I'm on Page Patrol (24 April 2014)
29. W-I-K-I / More than enough / Around the Web with TMBW / W-I-K-I (21 November 2014)
30. I saw my baby look up "Santa's Beard" / She wanted to get the words right and not mis-hear / I saw my baby look up "Santa's Beard" / I'm glad that she knows / Now she'll sing it when I'm home (24 December 2014)
31. Now I spend / My days and nights / Editing up / An interpretation of the lyrics / But over time it's reverted back / And never gets interpreted / The wiki is so revertible / Easily changed and editable / I never figured out why that was / If I couldn't then I doubt I ever will (11 September 2018)
32. Broken links are littering the wiki / Can't fix the pages linking to the sections / Push back and then revise / Push back and then revise (18 October 2018)
33. Clicking this one final link I'm effectively ensuring that I will be / Overwriting all previous versions after my updates have been / Validated with external references and saved into cyberspace / I'll be editing you (21 November 2018)
34. This could lead to excellence / Or a badly formatted wiki / Only one page to go / No, no, no / Go ahead, break that link / That might be good / Who can say what's wrong or right? / The users can (05 April 2019)
35. Did you just edit a tagline / To find out what would hap-pine? / I thought I told you not to / But you had to / And you did / Sorry, sorry / Don't be angry / I just wanted to edit / I swear I'll never log in again (15 April 2019)
36. Make a post of a GIF to the band's Tumblr / With the name of this site in a stylish font / Engage Flans in a conversation / Telling the fans whom this wiki was written for (14 June 2019)
37. And although I liked it anyway / Check out your template / A simple edit box to stage a page / That needs no markup (19 June 2019)
38. Is this what's supposed to happen / When you're changing a tagline / For this knowledge base? / Probably you have already known this / Probably I should graciously accept your edit. (25 June 2019)
39. There were two hundred-seven song themes in the wiki the last time I checked / Now there's one-ninety-seven so what happened to the other ten? / Why did you suspiciously move the template and lose the first revisions / As I load the category up and I count the song themes up again? (01 July 2019)
40. (Edit now) / Duke's Bot, Q-Bot / Preview, page watch / Check mark, text box / Tag line, new song / I got editing so down / I can do it in my sleep / I got editing so down / I can do it in my sleep (Edit now) (26 July 2019)
41. You know what's wrong with me / You administer this wiki / You saw its history / You can tell my editing has no skill // CapitalQ, on the revise / CapitalQ, revert me again / And the second was worse by far than the first / 'Cause it proved I can't edit (09 August 2019)
42. I'll kill band-with just for you, and upload media / Now I have the time to do / Have the time to do it now / Have the time to do it now (14 October 2019 continuing from edit by ColorOfInfinity)
43. The broken album template went up on the wiki / And we're just watching it thinking, / "Our lists were over one hundred items / And we will never find them again." / The site editor thinks she caused the ruin / But now she doubts her talents / Her hands start typing at a furious pace / But she can't save the day. (10 December 2019)
44. Rabid child stays at home, edits the wiki / Users pass rolling back the contribs of the kid / MisterMe and CapitalQ check hers every day / "Adding songs" and "removing things" are the only terms they know / (Adding songs) / (Adding songs, removing things) / (Adding songs, removing things) / (Adding songs, removing things, adding songs) / If you pass the rabid child say "adding songs" for me / The rabid child / The rabid child / The rabid child! (11 February 2020)
45. I'm not jealous of the fandoms / Or a web page with some ad space / And the band sites have their page hits / But I don't care for their page hits / What I care about is users / And the wiki sites have the users / Yes, the wiki sites have the users / Oh, the wiki sites have the users (17 February 2020)
46. It's been 17 long years / Since TMBW's start / You're the only wiki / That I've ever joined // Don't change the default theme / I will always love it / But how will it show / In Monobook? // I can see you like my edits / And my page creation tasks / But I'm saying Happy Birthday / Wiki chums (25 February 2020)
47. I became friendly with wiki users / The editors of T M B W dot net / "Hey," I said, "these are incorrect" / They cut my edits and redacted them / They won't even patrol my changes now but I don't care / 'Cause I'll stick my guns and I need to / Edit awhile / Edit awhile / Edit awhile / Edit awhile (03 March 2020)
48. Why is the world in trouble, Flans? / Why are we washing up our hands? / "To stop the virus levels rising up / It's just 20 seconds to shed that virus / Each time you wash up use this song to / Count" (10 March 2020)
49. I wasn't distancing / I wasn't listening / I turned away / When I heard them say / It's COVID-19 // I always had my doubts / So I just tuned it out / I didn't know / Why they had to crow / About COVID-19 // Pulse Ox was measured / Open the oxygen line / My lungs are destroyed / Now what fills the void / The sounds of ventilator chimes // I wish this wouldn't be / But I lived selfishly / I fell for the hoax / That preyed on my hopes / for COVID-19 (31 May 2020)
50. It's They Might Be A Wiki / Sharing Their music and more / And the users inside say you are welcome home / So our own worst enemies peek inside / And see us gladly sharing as Their music fills the room // And the songs They play / Is that guy with the white-haired face / Going, "Reason has never failed men. Only force / And repression have made the wrecks in the world." (05 June 2020)
51. John, we're so glad / And this comes from our wiki / We wish you long / And sincere prosperity // Birthday wishes / Wishes of pure love / Birthday wishes / Wishes of pure love (12 June 2020)
52. Christmas on the wiki (Christmas on the wiki) / For fixing broken bylines (Merry Christmas) / And changing someone's tagline (Happy New Year) / Again / Tonight I'm on my laptop (tonight he's on his laptop) / Tethered to some guy's iPhone / Hoping I'll be alone (Happy New Year) / Next year (21 December 2021) [was not logged in when edited.. ooops]
53 I've been working hard / Posting to Facebook and Tumblr / Asking for playlists / And information 'bout their gear // Update the wiki / For my favorite band / And I'm hoping for a shout-out from the Flans (15 Feb 2022)