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Fan-Made Videos[edit]

I have a music video. Can I just post it? Does it need to be hosted elsewhere? Sorry, I'm kinda a n00b. (Not a Them n00b, though :)

Okay, it's bad enough that people feel the need to rip off TMBG by making videos that include commercially released songs which are then given away willy nilly. It's even worse that there are links to these unauthorized videos all over this wiki. But why the hell would we start putting screen captures from these unofficial videos to go along with the official pages for their respective songs?? Inset screen caps should be limited to official videos only. Somebody give me a resonable explanation why we need screen shots from this junk when the videos are already linked to the same page as the capture. -TDK 06:29, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)

Really? Where are those screen caps? I've see the ones for the "animutations", and I'm ok with those, but what other pages have them? --Duke33 07:44, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)
Skullivan and Fingertips are the two that I know of.. correct me if i'm wrong, but you're referring to the latter, which is fan-made. Okay, so please explain why a screenshot deserves to be on the Fingertips page, if you would. -TDK 07:59, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)
I definitely see your point. Maybe we should say "no" unless it's been officially endorsed by TMBG (such as the bloodmobile video).  ::::The Bloodmobile thing seems to be an isolated incident. Besides, there is an official video for it which supercedes the fan-made one. But yeah, whatever. -TDK 11:45, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)
Officially endorsed? No offense, but that's a pretty stupid idea; just because someone in the band likes a fan-made video enough to post about it in a newsletter doesn't mean it's suddenly screencap-worthy. I also highly doubt the newsletter is going to start mentioning other flash videos in the future, because as TDK said, it seemed to be a one-time occurrence with that insanely professional-looking Bloodmobile video. Deep down inside, I know that screencaps from fan videos don't really belong on the wiki. However, I don't mind them at all, and I really don't think that anyone else here other than TDK minds seeing them. In my opinion, the pictures should stay up unless one deeply bothered by them comes along and removes them, and that's fine. After all, isn't that what wikis are all about? (Don't answer that.) -CapitalQtalk ♪ 17:16, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)
Umm, I was. And, I did. And you put it back. -TDK 19:25, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)
I put it back because you weren't aware that Fingertips had had a fanart image for over a month now, and this topic hadn't been created yet. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 21:17, 8 Feb 2006 (CST)

I don't see what's wrong with posting links to fan-made videos. Even if you do think it's wrong to "give out songs" (which by the way are fan-made videos that you would have to record with your own software that you can easily do at any site), isn't that what a wiki is for? Being able to edit it in any way without other people coming along and deleting the links all-together? That's ridiculous! Let the kids have fun. I'm sure the Johns wouldn't go off crying in a corner if they saw that someone was making independent videos of their songs and posting them on the internet. -Flipsticker

I thought that I made it clear that I'm not try to convince anyone that the links should be removed all-together, although that is indeed what I believe. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't go and treat these videos as we would ones made by TMBG. The official screen shot on any official song page should not be anything but what it is; official. As in, something by the Johns. By the way, you forgot to sign your retort. -TDK 23:09, 14 Feb 2006 (CST)
Then why was the update for the South Carolina video deleted again? -Flipsticker
Hmm, I'll consider leaving it when it's added by somebody other then you. Coming in with an unidentified IP and pretending to be somebody else doesn't count. -TDK 03:19, 16 Feb 2006 (CST)
Hmm, I'll consider stopping adding it when you grow up and stop deleting it. -Flipsticker
Not the response I was looking for, thanks for confirming that you're the only one who's gonna be adding that junk. -TDK 19:39, 16 Feb 2006 (CST)
You want more? Will seriously stop deleting them if someone besides me puts it up there? -Flipsticker
Why do you think that I am him? -SenorRobo
Because you don't have an account.
Perhaps I just wasn't signed in. -SenorRobo 19:00, 17 Feb 2006 (CST)
Judging by your lack of contributions and the ones attached to your IP, I'm almost certain that you, Flipsticker and a few other names on here (Trelantana) are just the same person. But, whatever, there's no way for me to prove it. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 19:10, 17 Feb 2006 (CST)
SenorRobo and TreLantana are the same people. I guess he accidently registered twice. But I'm not. Thank you so much CapitalQ. -Flipsticker
So we have Flip, SenorRobo and TreLantana. Now, try to convince me that it's not the three two of you in those videos trying a little too desperetely to cop the Johns' style. Then get somebody that's not involved in the productions at your elaborate studio to get interested in what you're doing and then I'll consider not killing your glorious news bulletin. However, Q probably won't. -TDK 05:39, 19 Feb 2006 (CST)
Actually, I gave up and stopped deleting it about two days ago. Ecks is the one who's been keeping it off. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 10:28, 19 Feb 2006 (CST)
I thought CapitalQ was an admin, too! But seriously, while this is still controversal, it's safe to just keep it off. Ecks
I don't really think there's any major problem with allowing links to fans' videos with TMBG songs in them, big whoop if there's some copyright infringement that nobody cares about. However, I believe (as I will stupidly presume TDK and others do) that the problem lies with the standard of what pictures would go as screenshots for the songs. Who says that a certain picture from some dude's video should be made to represent and depict a certain song? It's basically like me drawing (rather badly) a few pictures of a nightgown of the sullen moon on the moon or something, and uploading/posting it on the page for the official song. It just seems tacky, and although there's nothing wrong with me pointing out that I have drawn some interpretive pictures or whatever, joining my picture with the song information and forcing everybody to see it as they go to the page in my opinion degrades the article and the wiki.Magbatz 21:29, 19 Mar 2006 (CST)
I don't get why you take such offense to fan-made videos. It's not ripping off because no one ever takes credit for the audio, and it will hardly ever lead to pirating when there are such easier ways to file share (not that I condone it). I can't speak for others, but the only reason I make TMBG vids is, one because I'm passionate about their music, and two, as a means to excersize my flash skills. -Cronny
Well, I don't like the idea of fan-made videos because essentially, they take a TMBG studio recording and redistribute it. The fact that there's video attached to it makes no difference. I think that it should go without saying that this is wrong, but the Johns have specifically addressed the issue of distribution of their commercially available material online, so we know for a fact that They don't want it to happen via anyone but them. I don't know what kind of disclaimers that sites like newgrounds have in place to avoid legal action, but I guess that there has to be some kind way that it's legal.. I don't see why it should make a difference that the people making these videos don't take credit for the music, and saying that it will hardly ever lead to pirating makes no sense because giving out the song in the first place is piracy in itself. Like I said before, I'm not trying to banish these videos from the wiki, and I can certainly understand the potential value of fan-made stuff; there will always be good videos like yours but unfortunately there will also be stuff that makes me feel embarrassed to have it associated with a TMBG song. It was the "RZ Studios" stuff that really got me thinking about all of this. -TDK

My thought is this: if it creates more TMBG fans, then how bad can they be? -Ecks

Ecks, if that's how you feel then why were you removing the RZ Studios stuff from current events? -TDK 09:13, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)
I can't exactly speak for Ecks, but I don't think those videos were creating any fans. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 09:17, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)
Well, since it was all controversial, I thought it would be best not to have it on the MAIN PAGE, which was stupid in the first place. Keep it on Fan Videos or your user page... -Ecks
Which brings me to a point; who decides what videos are worthy? You can't say that some are okay and others aren't. That's why they would all have to go. -TDK 09:20, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)

I've given everything some thought, so here are my opinions:

  • No unofficial videos, animated or not, should be put on the front page news.
  • Unofficial videos may be listed on a song page under videos, as long as they're below any official videos.
  • Images on a song page should only be from officially released TMBG videos, or if the song is about a person (like P.S.O.K. or James K. Polk), an image of that person is welcome. Certain People I Could Name has imagery relevant to the song, so I suppose that's okay in some rare cases as well. -CapitalQtalk
My stance is pretty much the same ask Ecks', though those RZ Studio ones were really just kind of, well, bad. I also don't see too much harm in posting news about the fan-vids. Perhaps if there was a generally faster stream of official news, we wouldn't want it, but sometimes a week can go by without a single news update, so why not have as many as possible? We let the fan-podcaster TheyNow post his updates in the news, and there are plenty of news posts about unnofficial references to TMBG, such as the Questionable Content ones. Both of those are fan-made, and there's no issue with their presence in the news section. -Cronny
TheyNow and TMBG appearances/references technically are TMBG news, though unofficial. However, taking TMBG's music and putting it to fan-made video just shouldn't be considered news. If we allow, say, one of your videos to be on the main page news, a guy might be inspired to take a TMBG song, draw some stick figures dancing to it, and post it in the news. It'd be unfair to delete his stick figure animations if your video was up there. The same applies to Flipsticker posting a new RZ Studios video, it'd have to stay up there. If the creator of a video were to contact Mr. Me of Theynow, he'd probably gladly put a link to the video in his podcast, which would in turn get people who check TMBW's news to see it. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 19:07, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)
I agree, but isn't a fan video just technically a TMBG reference? Using your example, couldn't an interet cartoon with just crude stick figures do a strip where someone references TMBG? If someone posted news about it, isn't it just as unfair to remove that when we let the Questionable Content news item stay up? We have to come to a unanimous agreement of where the line is. Personally, I'm fine with letting every news update stay up because it's not like the news section is extremely flooded right now anyway. -Cronny
It depends if the stick figure comic is an actual online comic, with a history and a fanbase and such. Cyanide and Happiness is an incredibly popular stick figure comic, and if they made a reference to TMBG I wouldn't remove it from the news. If a guy went in Paint and drew some stick figures just to get on the TMBW news, that's a completely different story. I suppose that's where my personal line is...the popularity of the source? For example, the Steve Burns video for his cover of Dead stayed in the TMBW news because of the fact that he's famous, but Flipsticker and his friend playing with a hose was quickly yanked. But then the question is, how popular does the source have to be, and why the hell should that even be the restricting factor? Ugh. I just can't bear to see any more RZ Studios videos on the main page. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 20:01, 20 Mar 2006 (CST)
I personally never thought that stuff like Theynow belonged on the front page news either. The inherent problem with this kind of thing is that when you start including something like fan contributions, there will always be undesired (by some) elements that creep in and you have to accept them because not to would be unfair. The issue of opinion shouldn't come into play when deciding what's inappropriate for this wiki. Could this have something do with why there's a separate wiki for Homestar Runner Fanstuff? Duke, wanna start -TDK 18:20, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)
I think a separate wiki just for fan-related TMBG stuff is a little too radical, but I'm all for separating fan and official news on the main page. Here's a little test page I threw together (and accidentaly applied to the main page for a minute back there o_o). Leave feedback on its talk page, and don't forget, this is only a possibility. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 19:38, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)
That's not a bad idea, Q. Maybe if they were seperated into two different columns though... Also, do you think that wiki news might belong in the "Recent news" section?- Cronny

Those RZ studio videos are really stupid. If any fan made videos should get taken off here it's those videos. They have nothing to do with TMBG what so ever which kind of annoys me. They're just some nerds dancing around to a TMBG song. Now i agree that screen captures from fan made videos shouldn't be allowed on the wiki but if they are worthy they should have a link but only if they're WORTHY and show the creator's perception of the TMBG song of their choice.

Many YouTube links on this page are broken, or the user removed the video. Should we delete these from the page? Also maybe something to put on the page: Only put a video on this page if you have permission from the creator or you are the creator. Giants Jubilee Mightathon (talk) 15:11, 29 September 2020 (EDT)

Rabid Child video[edit] that Rabid Child video...real? It seems that if it were real, there would be more press. It looks real, so if it's fake, good job there! But I just want to clarify. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 22:58, 13 September 2010 (UTC)

No, I'm pretty sure it's fan made, if the real video was the same clip looping over and over, there probably would have been more discord about releasing the clip in Gigantic. Also, it has the DFB-style intro, and the video for Rabid Child was definitely not on DFB. -Apollo (Phoebus!) 00:17, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
Ah, once again, it helps to have Gigantic. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 01:51, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
Um. Yes, you might want to not ask questions like this unless you have relevant materials at hand. It has been established for a long time that the video existed in some form, anyway. There was not "press," I'm not sure exactly what sort of press you expected there to be. but...people knew. --Self Called Nowhere 03:14, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
Well, sorry for wasting your time, then. I didn't have Gigantic, so I didn't know. As I understand, only clips were shown on Gigantic, and as everyone seems to want to see the video, I would think the release of the Rabid Child video would make the main page. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 13:46, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
Your question and responses made it sound like you didn't know if there were an actual video at all. Which there is. And I didn't know the main page qualified as "press," but yeh, that probably would be on the main page. So why bother asking the question? Anyway, I find it very, very unlikely that a release would come from anywhere but The Johns themselves. --Self Called Nowhere 14:33, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
I wouldn't be to surprised if it came from a fan that somehow got a hold of it. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 16:47, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
Got ahold of it how, exactly? Considering AJ basically had to pry it out of their hands to even get the clip in Gigantic out of them (and, as I recall, when fans asked him to get the whole thing for the DVD extras he said they "laughed in his face" at the suggestion), that would have to be a pretty damn resourceful fan. I have some other things I wouldn't mind them getting while they're at it. --Self Called Nowhere 16:58, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
How am I supposed to know? I'm not that resourceful fan. If I could have any one thing of the Johns', I would have that video. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 17:04, 14 September 2010 (UTC)
grain. -Apollo (Phoebus!) 01:50, 16 September 2010 (UTC)
PWNED. --Self Called Nowhere 01:56, 16 September 2010 (UTC)

All of the albums at once[edit]

There's a video of tmbg that plays every album in sequential order at once, where is it? --⇂⇂↋ suᴉɥsuǝZ ʎɯɯᴉᒋ (talk) 09:16, 26 October 2021 (EDT)