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So, what does everyone think of the Elegant Too or Elegant Too "inspired" tracks? It seems to be a love-or-hate kind of thing. I like them, but I don't think they have the same TMBGenius as, say, the pink album. Random

Well, looking over this list here, I'd have to say I like the Elegant Too, as opposed to hate 'em. They seem to have brought out another side of TMBG... a more techno/electronic/rap side. (Man, It's So Loud In Here, Wicked Little Critta). I'd also have to say that deep deep down, I prefer the more classic TMBG sound, but it's nice to hear new things. And, in the end, you gotta admit... Am I Awake? is one helluva good song. - Doctor Masonstein

You're right. The Elegant Too have brought on a more techno/electronic/rap side side of tmbg. Unfortunatly, I don't like techno, electronic music, or rap. I give them a thumbs down. -- Mr. Nuclear

"Am I awake" and "Man It's So Loud in Hear" are some of the most amazing pieces TMBG has ever put together, the brilliance in music theory is astouding. Now about those Elegant two; Yes you can see their influence in certain tmbg songs (Mr. Xcitemment, which was pretty fun to listen the first 20 or so times) but alot of the stuff going on, like "Wicked Little Critta", would have come out of minkcar regardless of whether they, (the elegant two) were there or not. TMBG is a highly expierimental rock band, and this is not the first times the Johns have ever used electronic noises. (The first few albums were "drum machine only"). -- Michael Edward Willenzik III

Yep, "Am I Awake" and "Man It's So Loud In Here" are great songs. It's... well... good techno! It's good stuff, but the original stuff (say, the Pink Album, Flood or Apollo) is better. The rap stuff is good, but seems out of place on the album. -- Random

"Xcitement" sucks. End of story. The Elegant Too didn't do anything bad to it. A version from before they got to it was on a promo single and it was just as bad. In the case of "Critta", though, TMBG wrote that song before getting together with the Elegant Too. I remember calling DAS in late 1999 and that being on there and me hearing it many many times because I was to thrilled that DAS was back up. I'm not against the Elegant Too, I think the songs that they've done with TMBG are hella cool. - FrankEinstein

Yeah, don't get me wrong, Mr. Nuclear... I hate rap too. But, when Mr. Linnell starts rappin', it's the shit. - Doctor Masonstein

All I know is that I heard the Mink Car demos, and they were amazingly superior to what appeared on the album. Once again, I blame the Elegant Too. This'll be my last word on the subject. (And no, Michael Edward Willenzik III, it's not "The Elegant Two."

I digress. ;-) -- Michael Edward Willenzik III

Mink Car demos? Where?!

The Johns released almost all of the Mink Car songs in demo form through eMusic freebies, TMBG Unlimited, and the Clock Radio.
Now onto the Elegant Too: Some of the songs they collaborated on are OK (Your Mom's Alright, Ram On, Robert Lowell, My Man) while others (Am I Awake, I've Got A Fang) would be so much better without the little extraneous blips and boops thrown in. They just irritate the hell out of me. And like many other listeners, I consider the archetypal TMBG/E2 collab Mr. Xcitement to be one of the few TMBG album tracks worth skipping over entirely after you've heard it once. So, to sum up, I think they stink! --Oddjob 21:24, 23 October 2007 (UTC)