TMBW Theme Song

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Welcome to the TMBW Theme Song Contest!

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What Is This???

You know those crazy "taglines" we have on the Main Page? This is just a contest to create longer versions of those. Contestants change the full lyrics of a TMBG song so that it has to do with TMBW or wikis in general.


Overall Winners

First Place

 Salt-Man Z
I've Got a Bot

90 Points

Second Place

Doctor Wiki

88 Points

Third Place

Wiki in your Links

86 Points

Special Awards

The Special Awards recognize highest placement in one of the judging categories.
They are only given to users who did not place in the top three entries.

Most Singable

 Sandwich maker
I never edit posts

With 9.5/10 Singable Points

Most Creative

Till My Hands Fall Off

With 36/45 Creativity Points

Most Humorous

Why Get Personal

With 13/15 Humor Points

Individual Scores

If you submitted a song would like to find out your personal score in terms of the scoring rubric, just contact AtionSong, and he will do his best to give it to you.