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I've Got a Bot by Salt-Man Z
Parody of I've Got A Match by They Might Be Giants
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As sung by Duke33:

It's tough on a mod
Working alone
Keeping the wiki clean and up-to-date
I'm getting tired
Of this drudgery online
Well I guess it's time to put my mind to bot design

Archiving news and
Creating links and cleaning spam
Suddenly my job doesn't seem such a chore
Suddenly I've got more free time than before
I've got a bot
To do work I'd rather not

Delete dead pages
And patrol the recent changes
I've got my bot keeping busy all around the clock
If he runs amok
I'll just pull the virtual plug
Others may have their concerns, but I don't agree with them

Welcoming newbies
And merging song chronologies
Adding guitar tabs and run times galore
Copying taglines and downloads and more
I've got a bot
To do work I'd rather not

Even when I am logged off

I've got a bot
Doing work I'd rather not

Here's our new catch phrase:
"Read the page the robot made"
Work on the wiki's no longer a bore
Why didn't I see this solution before?
I've got a bot
To work when I'd rather not

I relax a lot
Thanks to [[User:ThisMightBeABot|ThisMightBeABot]]

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