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TMBG's Street Team was organized in June of 2004, to help the fans promote the release of The Spine, and later in 2005, Here Come The ABCs. The idea of the Street Team was to have the fans of TMBG help with the promotion on a local level, by distributing samples, putting up posters, hosting listening parties, etc. They also encouraged fans to contribute their own drawings, graphic design, and other artwork.

The Street Team, which is no longer active, was led by Jenn, who was last heard from on 2005-02-15.


"Team TMBG is in full operation and seeking hard-working, capable, gullible people to help promote They Might Be Giants across the galaxy."


A list of members whose donated banners, icons, and other artwork that made it onto the Team TMBG site is as follows in alphabetical order:

Philip Barket, Chris Burdulis Eric Calande, Theresa Conaty, Ian Cook, Paul Craigie, Charles Crane, Joe Devine, Lyndsay Fenner, Chris Griffin, Mike Haverty, John Hendel, Chris Hubley, Jon Huot, Joe Kaiser, KC Lauren Kelley, Allin Khg, Morgan L'Argent, Don Laursen, Brett Lee, Annie Mae, Matt Moss, Dan Muszynski, Sean Norville, Kelly ONeill, Tim Parker, Patrick Partridge Jr, Alan Poole, Paula Pugh, Lisa Riggs, Leah Riley, Matthew Salisbury, Mason Shelby, Todd Slater, Darin "Seishin" Takaki, Anthony Trabano, Ryan Whalen, Jason Wood, Pamela Wyatt, Caitlin Zielinsky, and Alan Zubris.

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