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What does one do in the street team exactly? Is there some kind of quota you must meet to be one of them or something? - (Turnip) 18:25, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)

Anyone can join on the Street Team site. There haven't been any newsletters in over a year, though, so don't expect to be busy. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 18:40, 21 Mar 2006 (CST)

Does anyone know what exactly is going on with the Street Team these days? It's still a good team, and I want to do more that I can to spread TMBGdom around the galaxy. --My Evil Twin's Twin (4-16-06)

Nothing's going on. The reason may be that they have no problems or open tasks at the moment. I'm sure that if there ever was anything new, they'd let us know.

By the way, good to see you again! - Whirrrlwind (Woosh!) 06:30, 16 Apr 2006 (CDT)