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2007-09-12Rams Head LiveBaltimore, MDAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Apathetic Arrogant Oriole BlixieB Dante Duke33 Himynameism Mdith Nixonismyhero Poutinstereo RLJohYouDid Rossum Zaph
2010-06-12Rams Head Live
(Family show)
Baltimore, MDAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: BlixieB BlueCanary ElfLady Garybot MidoFS SteveMilks WitheredHope
2012-02-17Rams Head LiveBaltimore, MDAttendance (25) 25 wikians attended: ArrogantOriole Beanboy89 BeanGirl BlueCanary Chiasmus Corndog1371 Duke33 ElfLady Explodingalice Ferreteers FezzikMcGuffin Frodolives Himynameism Hoyden42 Indie Cysion Inturnaround Johnreale Joltman Lekker Mkpiano Nixonismyhero Rossum Rottenkindofcute Rsreale TDK
2013-04-06Rams Head LiveBaltimore, MDAttendance (23) 23 wikians attended: ArrogantOriole Beanboy89 Bells12 BlueCanary Corndog1371 Dante Drypaintsigns Duke33 ElfLady Ferreteers FezzikMcGuffin Goldie1028 Himynameism Indie Cysion Johnreale Kayakcup Kburgan MinimumWage Mkpiano Rossum Rsreale TDK Tmbgdanfan
2016-03-17Rams Head LiveBaltimore, MDAttendance (19) 19 wikians attended: Beanboy89 Bells12 BlueCanary CapitalQ Corndog1371 Dante Erdomi Ferreteers Herroyalflyness Indie Cysion Joltman Mdith Mongoose Nixonismyhero Rossum Rsreale TDK ThingintheBassSax Vvedge
2018-10-26Rams Head LiveBaltimore, MDAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Beanboy89 Disinvited Guest FezzikMcGuffin Indie Cysion Kayakcup MidoFS Selfcallednowhere Thatbluething Vvedge
2022-12-18Rams Head Live
(Featuring all of Flood)
Baltimore, MDAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: FezzikMcGuffin TDK

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