Shows/John Linnell/1999-11-22

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Review by Kris Maxwell:

This was an interesting venue, because the stage was uncharacteristically low- probably about 2-3 ft. off the ground. This resulted in a much more intimate feeling for the show, which became palpable when Linnell and crew burst into a high-powered cover of the Dead Kennedys' punk anthem "California Über Alles." << this apparently didn't actually happen, and my memory is faulty.
"North to Alaska" was another great departure from the familiar album material, with Linnell belting-out the folksy ballad with an exaggerated twang, along with a comically-shouted "NORTH!" on each chorus.
After the show, the band stuck around to chit-chat for a few minutes, and Linnell himself even emerged from backstage to give a rare round of autographs and photo-ops.