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TMBG, as a trio with the Johns and Marty, appeared as the VIP guest at this taping of the NPR quiz show Ask Me Another. In addition to performing the songs listed, they also participated in the quiz segment "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" which they had invented for their previous appearance on the show in 2014. Linnell also played accordion with house musician Jonathan Coulton during a segment called "Fields of This," featuring re-written lyrics for the Sting song "Fields of Gold." Also notable, they had two aborted attempts at playing "Space Suit" before they got it right, explaining that they had edited the song down to 60 seconds to act as background music during station identification, but then kept forgetting the edits they had made. And in typical radio-performance-Macgyver-drum-kit fashion, Marty played a kit consisting of a wooden cigar box, the empty accordion case and a reel-to-reel tape duct taped to his leg.