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Fan Recaps and Comments:

The band soundchecked "Piece Of Dirt", "Meet James Ensor", "I'm a Truck", "Nanobots", and "Tesla".


The show was a lot of fun! We were all packed in the fairly tiny Academy Records Annex between rows of bins. Idly leafing through "Disco - New Arrivals", I found a sealed copy of Frieda's "Disco Lover / Plastic Rap" 12". Score!
By the time the band came out it was quite hot and humid (or, according to JL, "breath-y") in there, upon which they commented a few times. Flansburgh had a guitar I'd never seen before (turns out it was his ancient Gibson L48), but the strap ended up snapping, so he had to hold it up while playing (if I'm not mistaken, they consequentially skipped a song). At some point, as I recall, due to the heat, the band was approaching their version of the moment in 127 Hours where the guy falls into the hole, and that later on they'd "cut their arm off. I mean arms" (JL). Linnell played his black accordion the whole time, which was neat — he noted that it was the first time they'd ever done "When Will You Die" with that arrangement. All in all, the show was very intimate, especially since there was but a single bin of records between me and the band.
Unfortunately, Flansburgh collected his and Linnell's setlists right after the show. But afterward I got some things signed, and I got to hear John Linnell say "Dick Jackoff!?", which was a good experience for me.