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Fan Recaps and Comments:

"Withered Hope" was played during soundcheck.

Evidently Flans simply cannot handle being put stage left. According to their new stage setting, Linnell's keyboard had to go to the right, pushing Flans to the "wrong side." During the performance, Flans drifted drifted around (nice cordless equipment helped out there). Then by the end of the show he had dragged his mic stand to the small gap on the right of Linnell. That made both Johns plus Danny AND Marty all on the same side of the stage.

It was interesting to see Dan and Danny having a regular conversation with each other while playing "Lucky Ball and Chain."

Notable Yip-Yap:
Flans (to Linnell): Have you been drinking? Linnell: Have you NOT been drinking? I guess you didn't get the memo.