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Fan Recaps and Comments:


The show was Awesome, It was my first time seeing them and I can't wait to see them again soon, they put on such a great show.
My Favorite parts
  • The avatars of They were incredibly funny.
  • After telling everyone to come to the stage they opening the show with Flans saying "Tonight we have a very special episode of They Might Be Giants, we find out our Father is in jail and we play the whole Flood album start to finish!"
  • Dan Miller playing the ending solo of finertips on the balcony.
  • The Confetti during James K Polk. I was suprised at how much confetti was released into the room, it just kept coming.
  • The live version of sapphire bullets was very interesting, when it first started I didn't recognize it but it was a great adaption.
  • The two clarinets during cowtown were really interesting..
  • “Were not like the British band at KROQ Acoustic, We play the hits, ‘We don’t play that song. The one you wanted to hear. Leave. There’s no place for you here ticket buyers. Go home.” – John Flansburgh in a British accent
  • "when you bit torrented Flood you probably skipped this song" Then they play letterbox.
  • They played Don’t Let’s Start, which I wasn’t expecting to hear, so AWESOME!
  • Obviously hearing all of flood live was great and the other songs all sounded superb.