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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Some highlights of the evening: The opening act, Charles Bissell of The Wrens, performed their cover of They'll Need A Crane in all its 4 minute 23 second goodness. Before the show, one of the TMBG crew accidentally knocked over the a cup of beer on a drunk girl in the front row who would not shut up during the opening act (very disrespectful). When TMBG came out, they used a new intro I hadn't heard before (Setlist said "Sammy!" which might be a clue.) I was standing so close to Flans that he almost kicked me in the face during Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Heard Where Your Eyes Don't Go for the first time live, unbelievably awesome! It looks like they wanted to play a longer set, but since it was the second act in a 3 part benefit show, they had to cut it short at just over an hour. Otherwise, it was a very streamlined set with a few songs left off the setlist. You could tell they were in a rush to get off the stage because there was no encore. I have never seen their road crew disassemble everything so quickly. I had to watch 3 clipboards containing the precious setlist scooped up by their road crew and taken to the back. Only one made it back out as far as I could see, and the roadie gave it to me. Woot!