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Fan Recaps and Comments:


First off, this show was awesome! It was great to see TMBG in New Jersey, especially right on the waterfront.
TMBG came on about a half-hour later than expected. Many people around me didn’t mind, as they said the Johns were fashionably late and they would be worried if they were on time.
The show itself was a lot of fun. It was great to hear “Alphabet of Nations” and “Clap Your Hands”. I was especially excited to hear “Spider”, “Ana Ng” (both of which I’ve only heard live once or twice before) and “I am a Paleontologist” for the first time. I felt the songs were great for the wide variety of people there, whether you were a new fan, old fan, young fan, or adult fan.
The funniest part of the show was during “Doctor Worm” in which Linnell sang that he swallowed a bug. Other memorable parts included Flansy kicking over a fan placed on stage, Flansy trying to get the photographers to sing “The Bass is Danny Weinkauf”, and John and John’s banter about the Toby Keith concert also in town.
Loved the show guys! Wished it could have been longer!

Jason DeLima:

I wasn't at the show, but here are some things I would like to add from listening to the stream.
Flansy sang the "I held your hand, you held mine" line during New York City!
Flansy also claimed they didn't have a name for Graveyard, even though it does have a name.