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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I wasn't actually at this show, but the setlist info comes from someone I found online who was and got a setlist. He wasn't sure about some of the songs as written on the setlist, so these are my best guesses as to which songs they were. Should be about right. Anyone with any corrections, or information as to which songs were parts of an encore, etc, please add them! -Beatle_Vette

I was at this show and it was amazing. I had driven in from Wisconsin and had NO idea where I was going (thanks GPS!) when I finally got into the venue it was PACKED. There was a guy outside with a crowbar prying more people into the place! Anyway, my favorite part of this concert was hearing "Why Does the Sun REALLY Shine" for the first time. It was awesome. Then Flans was talking before playing "Damn Good Times" about how they wrote the song for that specific day (about it) and that they did so by traveling to the future while writing the album to that day, and their past selves were actually backstage composing the song they were about to play. I think they stopped in the middle to give "themselves" a chance to get it all down. Flans was also saying during a different part of the show that it was a great time to be alive because Chinese Democracy had finally been released, or if you are a liquor maker(referencing repeal day), (he may have said a few others, that's what I remember).