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Okay. I'm standing at a crossroads in my life. After 7 shows, I can't pick a favorite. Right now, it's this one vs. Beacon 2/2/08. And, I feel sorry to admit it, but this one comes out on top. First of all, there was much more fun surrounding the event just ask CapitalQ about all of the lolz before the show with the Johns driving PAST the venue, then backing up on the shoulder all of the way. Then, later, John, John, Miller, and either Marty or Weinkauf (I couldnt tell which), left at about 6 to go to Starbucks. Oh Lawd. Nextly, EPIC OPENING ACT. I kid. I kid. But you'd think...surely the 2-set Beacon show should come out on top...WRONG. There were many songs played tonight that were new to me live. And, many that are very close to my origination with the band. I heard Dinner Bell and Experimental Film live for the first time. Anything from Apollo 18 or The Spine has an important place in my heart. And Fingertips, the song that initiated my fanhood was played again. All in all a fantastic show. I just wish I was 18 so I could go to the le poisson rouge shows. :C Alright, bai.