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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Pretty good show. It was my eighth show, and while nothing particularly spectacularly about it, it was a solid show nonetheless. Highlights for me were the side project songs (Mono Puff's Unsupervised, I Hit My Head and Linnell's West Virgina) and the joke about a song off of their new album on Bar/None Records (referring to Ana Ng from Lincoln). They were supposed to play one song from each album, but I believe they forgot Factory Showroom

Mr. 77:

Great show overall. Best. Opening. Act. Ever. Also, the weirdest venue I've ever been to. They used the Stick, which was awesome, and I was part of a (very small) conga line. They wrote an answer song to Why Does The Sun Shine called "The Sun is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma". Apparently the sun is not made of only gas, but it's really plasma. Also, a shout-out to the dude with the Back to the Future shirt, cause that pizza was pretty good. It was nice to have people around who were as lost as I was.


A great show for me, because this time I had the foresight of being downstairs (I got stuck upstairs during the show last year). Great opening act, Kurt used to play with TMBG back in the old days.
Unsupervised was also a highlight for me. I kept hoping they'd play Asheville, or even Taste the Fame, but they didn't play any song off of Venue Songs. It was still a varied setlist, and I loved hearing a good amount of older stuff, and they barely played anything off of The Else.


Awesome man. I got there extra early, and actually got to see Flansy come out of the building to got to a local record store. He He actually almost hit the people right behind me with the door on his way out. I loved the way they performed songs from lots of different albums, and that french rabbit band who opened for them was cool.


I drove 170 Miles from home to be there, and I loved the show to the point of singing along, although I tend to scream it out due to a slight background of heavy metal & punk. But this was MY VERY 1ST TMBG SHOW that I've went to, much less THE VERY 1ST CONCERT of ANY BAND in history for me. Flansy mentioned about there being no punch-line to his joke, and he called me nuts for saying that it was like a Balki Bartokomous joke, since there was no punch-line. Then again, he even mentioned about subscribing to the TMBG Podcasts on iTunes, and I did say that I subscribed to them & got Flans' message from long ago. Therefore, he told the crowd that I was the reason for their keeping up-to-date with what everything they do, I think? But I do remember Flans giving me a hardcore snarl after I was the last few strumbs on his guitar at the end of Istanbul(Not Constantinople), since I was all hardcore-face when doing so. Linny kept looking into my direction half the time, and that was also when I said how he was the best Poopsmith ever due to SBEmail #200 from Homestar Runner. I loved The Mesopotamian, Istanbul(Not Constantinople), Damn Good Time, Fingertips, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Don't Let's Start, She's An Angel, & I Love To Sing, in which I said "I LOVE YOU, LINNY" at the end of the show. Only 1 fan was highly irate with me saying how I ruined the show and everything, but that's how I have fun, even though some would take it as rude & most would take it as a form of random enjoyment, but I was told from a friend that I made the show A LOT more interesting, yet the rest of the night was awesome in the same. It was a great experience of my life, and I hope to do it again in the future. Not only that, but one of my friends who attended the show that night was kinda jealous that I got the band's attention, as well as the comments on Myspace & having to be mentioned by Flans. Still, she & I hung out at the end of the show, and just like TMBG shows, there's ALWAYS a happy ending somewhere. In short, I had some "DAMN GOOD TIMES"!!!


I was at the show and thought it was awesome! I was almost up front and had a great time. The Johns were funny and it was a terrific set list. My only complaint, was that one guy who stood about 4 people away from me, smelled horribly of B.O. I'm sorry to say that, but it almost ruined the concert for all of us who stood anywhere near him. He was loud and screaming half the time, which wouldn't have bothered me, but every time he raised his arms to take a picture or video (which was the entire show), everyone nearly fainted. I don't want this person to take offense, but when going to a show where you will be in close contact with others, please take a shower and use deodorant. I spoke with about 15 people after the show who told me that guy ruined it, he didn't make it more "entertaining". All in all it was tons of fun and I got to hear some songs they haven't played in a long time. Can't wait until they come back!


This was my first TMBG concert, and my first concert in general. I got free tickets because my school's guidance counselor bought me them as a bribe to get me to go to class (which I ended up not doing anyway, but I digress). My aunt (who went with me) and I seriously misjudged the time TMBG would actually be on (which was around nine), so not only did we have to leave halfway through the setlist, we also had to stand in line for like, three hours. But this dude behind us was pretty cool. He expressed his desire to tell Flansburgh that Nixon was, indeed, the one, which amused me. Plus, Flansburgh actually walked past me in line at one point! Seems he was asking where the record store was. Eventually, we actually got inside the venue. The opening act was interesting, but unfortunately I don't speak French. After some more time, TMBG came on and opened with Hey, Mr. DJ, which I must admit is better live than on CD. They also unveiled a new sequel to Why Does the Sun Shine, which was a nice surprise. Then, of course, more surprises! I was pretty shocked (in a super-good way) that they played Unsupervised, I Hit My Head and West Virginia. Though, I later realized my stupidity, because Flansburgh had said earlier that they were playing at least one song from every album. I guess it didn't click that he meant solo albums, too. We left during Alphabet of Nations, but all in all in was a great experience. The songs rocked, the between-song banter was hilarious, and we even had a nice view. We were stationed on the balcony thing right above the band. Dan Miller was usually obscured by this machine thing right in front of me, but I could see everyone else perfectly. I hope to see TMBG live again someday, preferably with a friend instead of my aunt. ;p


This was my second TMBG show (both of them at The Chameleon). Once again I was lucky enough to get a spot right at the stage. It seemed to me that there were a LOT more people around the stage this time than their last appearance (and they were up there a lot was pretty crowded even before the opening act started).
On the subject of the opening act (Les Chauds Lapins), I loved them. Honestly, I didn't expect to. When i found out that the opening act was going to be a duo sing French dancehall tunes from the 20's and 30's, I was not thrilled (having seen Corn Mo last time, this seemed like a dramatic [and potentially boring] departure). However, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were they great musicians and terrific singers, they both had a wonderful sense of humor. Watching Kurt Hoffman attack his mini-banjo with the abandon of a heavy metal guitar solo was one of the highlights of my night. And I was enchanted by Meg Reichardt. There was just something about her voice and facial expressions that really got to me. However, since my wife was with me, I needed to keep myself in check!
TMBG, as always, was great. Despite the fact that there seemed to be an unusual amount of technical difficulties throughout the show, they sounded great. They had an amazing song selection and high-energy throughout. John F., in my opinion, seemed a little more serious and intense than I had seen him before. Not that it was a problem, but I guess I prefer the lighter and more easy-going version.
Most of the people I interacted with were awesome. A special shout-out to Chris and Jen. They were a wonderful couple and made the interminable wait to get in the club an enjoyable one.
I hate to give this individual any more attention than he has already received, but I can't talk about my experience at the show without mentioning the smelly ingnoramus who tried to dominate...well, everything! Despite his obvious delusions, I paid to hear TMBG, not him. There were some songs (like Unsupervised) where I could hear his singing (and I use that term lightly) better than Flansy. His constant screaming was more than annoying.
And a special note to this guy, just because "only 1 fan was highly irate with me saying how I ruined the show and everything" does not mean that many others did not feel the same way. You definitely decreased the level of enjoyment for me and my wife. And I talked to about 10 others (during and after the show) who definitely agreed. I know one woman who I was briefly next to absolutely could not stand you. Every time you opened your mouth, she rolled her eyes skyward. Just the fact that you kept taking our attention off the stage was reason enough to be upset. But, as you yourself said, that's how you have fun, so to hell with the rest of us, right? Any by the way, you may have made the night more interesting, but definitely NOT in a good way.
One last comment on loudmouth before I move on...I have to disagree with one of your statements. You said: "I do remember Flans giving me a hardcore snarl after I was the last few strumbs [sic] on his guitar at the end of Istanbul(Not Constantinople), since I was all hardcore-face when doing so." Bull. I was right there and also got to play the guitar. You did not strum. You grabbed the neck of his guitar and pulled. I briefly thought Flans was going to fall off the stage. He pulled the guitar back, slammed the strings a couple of times, yelling "Mine! Mine!" The only part of your description that I agree with was the fact that it was a "hardcore snarl" but it had little or nothing to do with you having a "hardcore-face." are some of the other highlights of the night:
  • I was able to speak with Kurt Hoffman outside the venue and chatted briefly with him immediately after his set (while he was still on stage. My biggest regret was that I didn't get to meet him and Meg after the show or buy an autographed CD (they were gone by the time I got to the t-shirt stand after TMBG). I really wanted to meet them, but not enought to lose my spot by the stage!
  • I also talked with Flans outside the venue when he was looking for the local record store. (Two TMBG shows, two Flans interactions.)
  • I got a hand slap from Flans before he left the stage for the last time. My apologies to the young man behind me if he happens to be reading this. He yelled at me because he "just missed" getting a hand slap too and said that if I "wasn't so big" he would have made it. Sorry!
  • I got to strum Flan's guitar twice (although plucking at the strings might be a more accurate description).
  • THE STICK! I never thought I'd see that live. Flans was directly in front of me and I was so close that I could actually see the marks it left on the stage.
  • Plasma was a blast! I hope that it gets an official release somewhere.
  • I was thrilled to hear both a Monopuff tune and a track from State Songs. What a great surprise!
  • Dead and Dinner Bell are two of my all-time favorites. The live versions were fantastic.
  • Flans seemed a bit upset with some us up front beacause we wouldn't join the conga line (even though he said several time that he was "f***ing serious!"). There was no way I was giving up my spot by the stage! Sorry, John.
All in all it was a great show. I can't see myself ever regretting going to a TMBG concert no matter what! So, if/when the John's come back to Lancaster (or anywhere else in the Harrisburg area) I will be there!


This was my second show, and it was amazing. My favorite part of the show (actually, maybe my favorite part of my life) was when Flans started a congo line by singing this:
"Everybody do the conga!...I'M NOT FUCKING KIDDING!...Everybody make a congo-line...I SAID I'M NOT FUCKING KIDDING!"
That is the single best quote I have ever heard.
Dan Miller was on FIRE in the beginning of Istanbul. It was the fastest acoustic guitar solo I've ever heard. He was totally shredding. Marty went insane when we didnt applaud enough when we was introduced, and he went into this ridiculous solo where he kicked his drums and started smacking everything in sight. It was brilliant.
Anyways, it was amazing. Absolutely amazing.