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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was my first TMBG show ever (I did download three concerts online) and this was without a doubt the fantasy concert most would want as their first show. This was the first adult show that the band has done for a while and it showed. I knew something awesome was going to happen this night when the show was started off with Hey Mr. DJ. My personal highlights was hearing Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head (Dedicated to the RNC), and Dig My Grave. There was also a cool version of She's an Angel that had this prerecorded regetonic sounding drum loop that was played for the verses then the song sounded normal for the choruses. I could tell that the band was a bit weary of playing kid songs since they did the bare minimum for covering the one song from each album requirement (seven and alphabet of nations). The other notable highlights were Dystroy All Songs that left some scratching their heads. The other highlight was at 11:00pm Flans said that we had reached Reverse 11 o'clock, so pretty much after every song for about 20 minutes or so the fans would boo. Just a final note the name Playmore will live with me forever. Best show I could imagine. BRAKING LATE NEWS: I decided to send them a little message on myspace "I can't thank you guys enough for the kick ass show at first avenue. I hope you recorded that one cause I'd gladly download it." they responded "I don't think it's going to be posted--but we should have!". Just thought I should pass that along.


The show at 1st Ave., was amazing, it was my second, I saw them at the Vic last November. They just seem to be getting better and better with age, and they are so in tune with what each of them is going to do next it's ridiculous. In the words of the Great John Linnell; "Yeah, fuck that guy!".


This was my fourteenth time seeing the Giants in Minnesota and I can say, this was the best show I have EVER been to!! They played songs that I haven't seen them play here for years. However, they said they we're playing a song from every album but I don't recall anything from John Henry. That aside, they band sounded great! The house mix which was really quiet in comparison to other shows, but the overall mix was good. I hope they recorded this show for release with their live shows as ANY giant fan should have this set!


This was my sixth Giants show and definitely one of the best. Their last show at 1st Ave was a big disappointment (definitely the worst tmbg show I had been to), so I was pleasantly surprised when they opened with "Hey Mr. DJ" and then immediately proclaimed that they planned to play a song from every single album. I was ecstatic to hear "S-E-X-X-Y" live for the first time along with "Dinner Bell" and a few others. "Destroy All Songs" was a hilarious Spin-the-Dial-esque experiment where each band member played a popular non-tmbg tune seperately, then played them together. My favorite moment occured when Flans played the beginning to the Prince tune "Kiss" over and over. Midway through the show FLans told the audience it was now opposite day and so we spent the rest of the night booing them. It should sound great if the recording of this show is ever released. Unfortunately, they never played a song from John Henry. The only tmbg show I've been to that tops this one is the show they played at Stubb's in Austin in September of 2001. Go check it out to see what I mean.