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Can't claim that the set list here accurately reflects what was actually played, since I nor anyone I know was there. This was taken off of a copy of the Vegas set list that the band still had on hand after the San Diego show. The copy was titled "WVGS The Gathering" and had "Older? Shadow Gov.?" written along the bottom. During the San Diego show, Flans talked briefely about their experience playing at the "The Joint" and you can see what he said in my recap of that show. -Captain Caustic


In attendance this show along with my brother I can verify this performance and the setlist, it was a promo show for our local alternative rock radio station: Area 108 (Now 107.9 Alternative).
This event was Area 108's "summer festival" the event was titled "KVGS Area 108 summer festival" and then later simply "Area 108's (107.9-FM) 'The Gathering'" :Admission was $24USD
They Might Be Giants played second to last out of five bands which played in this order: Plain White T's, Shiny Toy Guns, Silver Sun Pickups, They Might Be Giants, and finally The Bravery.
The original show was to take place at the Orlean's Arena but was moved last minute to The Joint at the Hard Rock. Tickets where of course transfered (old ticked stubs accepted at the doors) and those who already purchased ticked where notified.
During the show the setlist was played in full, however there was no set encore due to the fact the concert was already well over an hour over schedule.
Fun Fact: After the TMBG performance bananas where thrown into the crowd. If this was from the bands roadies or others in back, is unconfirmed.