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Fan Recaps and Comments:


During the show, John and John poked fun at Seattle by saying the crowd usually isn't this sober and the stage usually isn't this cold. It is usually the other way around.


The show began with Flansburgh introducing themselves as They Might Be Giants, stating "We are going to be opening for ourselves tonight". They then started to play the venue songs.
They took a short break after the venue songs and returned to the stage. Shortly after they had began playing, they explained that what they had opened with was something that was coming out soon called the venue songs. They described it as a crazy marketing scheme, advertising the thing that's not even out yet. Linnell joked that they were going to be promoting their second album after that.
There was only one obvious mistake in the concert. During "Why Does the Sun Shine?" after Linnell and Dan Miller sang "The sun is hot" Flansburgh stated "The sun is so hot that if hollowed out a million earths would fit inside of it and yet it is just a middle sized star." When Linnell and Miller sang "The sun is large" Flansburgh merely repeated his line of "The sun is so large that if hollowed out a million earths would fit inside of it and yet it is just a middle sized star."

TMBG made many jokes throughout the night. This included jokes about the Iraq war ("Remember back when we were all republicans, wasn't that crazy? We're like 'this wars gonna be great!'") Jokes at the audience ("It's like a Jesus and Mary Jane concert in here." *uproar of cheers* "Now you cheer and I think, were you guys at the Jesus and Mary Jane concert?") and jokes about the temperature of the stage ("We'd like to dedicate this next song to the freezing cold on stage. Is this some sort of progressive hippy, like 'we don't need energy anymore' type thing?")

When the main setlist was done, I was about to leave when my older sister told me to wait until the lights are back on. Sure enough, they came back out and proceeded to play Particle Man. At the end, they continued playing their instruments until Flansburgh interrupted stating that he wanted to play a different song. They then introduced it as "This next song is about a friend of ours, he stands about Eighty feet tall with one eye in the center of his head. This song is called Cyclops Rock."

After Cyclops Rock the lights went off again, and again I waited. Lo and behold, they came back out. Dan Miller, hit a couple of notes on his guitar, to which Linnell responded "I just walked right by you amp. I know what it sounds like now." There was a split second of silence before Linnell's high pitched synthesizer rang out. They then went on to play Twisting, ending the song in what a friend of mine would later describe it as a "rock opera" fashion.

All in all, it was a great concert.


My wife threw her bra on stage during Snail Shell. It landed on Linnell's keyboard. He dropped it onto the stage.