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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Reynoldbot wrote:

This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.

More and more, I am buying these things for the sake of recording quality, and that's what compelled me to get this one. My preference for these live shows is for them to sound more "live" and less clinical (studio or just board mix). This one has a good mix of crowd noise and definitely has more of a live feel to it. The drums are nice and airy, and the whole recording has a nice large hall vibe to it. There is no clipping or distortion at all, which seems to be an old problem not occuring in any of the more recent recordings. The main problem I have with this recording is it sounds muffled. The vocals and keys are pretty muffled sounding.

The set is pretty decent, but not amazing. The Johns seem a bit uncomfortable at this venue (due to the heat) and it shows a bit during the performance.

My advice: there's better shows to be downloaded, so unless you went to the show, I would skip this one for a different show with a better set list.

Dan Miller wrote:

Wow, I could go on and on about this show. The refusal to install air conditioning baffles me. The venue has the potential to be fantastic. It's half of an old massive ballroom, super high ceilings and a capacity of around 1100. This place could become the main stage in Detroit, but not anytime soon. The air was stifling, even with industrial fans blowing up my skirt the whole day. We arrive at the show and the crew looks like the bad end of a cigarette.
I know that rock thrives in crummy holes, but how about lowering the temp to a comfortable 90 degrees? I would love to play this place again, anytime but the summer.
We do a slightly shorter set, but make for it with extra-long encores. The duopoly of The Guitar into No One Knows My Plan makes it only tour appearance. The conga line is always a treat to behold and we love doing it. From stage it looks very odd and cool to see that much of the crowd giving in to the power of the conga, rallied on by Flans.
A good strong set with a fine sound courtesy of Dean our FOH Engineer. The high ceilings give it that airy, 'which enormodone am I in' quality.

--Kman510 (talk) 21:45, 20 January 2015 (EST) Wow...trip back in time. When I approached this venue, I thought it was a set for some post-apocalyptic film. But then...Detroit, ah. This show was played on the 9th level of Hell. I'm sure we ticked over triple-digits. Celsius, perhaps. This was my intro to Corn Mo as well. That man can sweat in a blizzard. This was something else entirely. The drop of today's "No Cops" dial-a-song reminded me of him and this show. It was a random attendance, too. I was traveling on business, hanging in Troy, MI for meetings with Kmart. Exciting. Saw they were playing, made the trip. The heat made it memorable, and the band killed it as usual. Conga!