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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

Holy Hell!! This show was fan-freaking-tastic. I'm always amazed at the some of the size of crowds we play for. There must have been at least a million people at this one.
We shared the bill with our pals in Fountains of Wayne. Always great live and some of the best songs out there, and they did not disappoint. Great show--check them out if they come around.
I do declare that TMBG was a bit nervous for this gig--everyone was running around bumping into things all day (more then is normal). This translated into a real humdinger of a gig, lots of energy coming both ways. The whole thing is a bit of blur in terms of songs so I can't really mention any specific musical highlights, but I did walk off stage and think "great F%$^ing show," something I rarely do. Two visual highlights: the whole stage was back dropped by the capitol building (I'll try and throw a picture into the liner notes), which was very dramatic and beautiful; Flan beckoning the crowd to sway their arms during "fingertips" and every single person responding. From the stage all you saw were thousands of bare arms, the faces disappearing behind them.