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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

The Tea Kettle Tour continues to burn on this one. This gig was held in a parking lot - complete with cars, and with a temperature hovering around 100 it was not looking good. The band had spent the day at the Namm convention and decided collectively that we would never visit such a place again.
My fears of a crappy time were dashed on the rocky shores of the Nashville fans - TMBG style. This show was great and could get the argument of best show of the tour. The vibe on stage was great and even the dope who rushed the stage could not dampen the great spirit of the gig. A great spin the dial.
(Editors note: The reason we don't include some all the spin the dials is two fold. One, if it's commercial heavy, that's just opening up a big can of Pain-in-the-ass that we don't need. The second is that in truth, if the radio is not being friendly, as in delivering nothing but crap, then STD is not that great and we cut it.)