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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Jennifer Russell-Fenus:
Been home for an hour or so, but had to get cleaned up a little. The weather in SLC has been super hot, and dancing and having fun sure adds to it. The weather did cool off a bit later on, but it is still hotter than I'd like it to be!

Anyway, WOW! What an energetic group of fans! The concert was held at a venue called Red Butte Gardens up by the University of Utah. Lots of great landscaping and beauty abounds there—a fabulous place to really have a gig. My only gripe is that they have a lot of tall angiosperms (flowering plants to those non-horticulturists out there) in the middle, right in front of the stage. They are asthetically pleasing and all, but if you happen to be sitting, it makes it difficult to see over them. (Not a real problem for me, being tall and standing through the whole show, but it was kind of annoying nonetheless)

Dr. Worm: Dan Miller played Keyboards this one&#151started off as The Peanuts theme—ha ha Istanbul: long intro—Dan Miller

I managed to get a hold of a set list from one of the sound guys, even after the dufus security guard told me no. He must have been new or something-he didn't have a clue as to what was going on. But, as a veteran concert goer, I have learned how to deal with this. Just keep asking til you find someone who gives you the answer you want!

I must say, I was surprised They did not play Don't Let's Start or Ana Ng, but all in all it was an amazing fabulous night! After the gig, there were no planned meet and greet sessions, though the Dans signed a few autographs for those who were bold enough to ask. (Thank You!) I have one of those Giganticfilm promo postcards that were handed out in NYC and in NJ at the Princeton gigs that the Johns autographed for me there. I had Ira Glass autograph it when he was in town last week and two of the 3 Dans have also added their John Hancocks to it (Missing Dan Weinkauff's, so next time, I will be hunting you down if you are reading this!). My goal is to eventually get as many autographs from those in the movie as I can.

It was great seeing some of the listmembers again at the gig & meeting those I haven't met before. I have to say, everytime I see TMBG in concert, I am amazed. It is true things get better with the passage of time!