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Review by Jeanette Peck:
... Then, at my decision, we headed down to the front of the stage. A polka/jazz kind of band was playing there. I elbowed my way up to the front to feign dancing, and eventually Maria joined me. They had an orange plastic fence a couple feet from the stage, I guess for security reasons. There was setting up, etc—they put up a tenor sax, which excited me. Then they entered to the same music that they did in the Stone Pony concert. They started with... ok, i can't remember honestly but then they followed that with Birdhouse in Your Soul. They also did a really weird version of Achey Breaky Heart. They played a lot of the same songs they played at the Stone Pony concert [last concert I went to], but had some different ones, including The Guitar (which was the opportunity to introduce everyone and have solos, etc), The Famous Polka (since they were following a polka band); they did play both Particle Man and Istanbul, She's an Angel, New York City, and Fingertips of course.

JF: "Well, we've never done anything like this, but I notice there are a lot of bohemian types in the audience, so Dan [Miller] here is going to play you a little something" Miller then played a rather impressive solo on the acoustic guitar. They did their little extended rendition of She's Actual Size where Flans [ran off the stage and had to run to the crowd since there was the barrier] and ran his guitar across the front of the crowd. So here's a run down of some amusing things we kept repeated at the concert:

Right before Miller's solo: JF: "Ok, so my dad always told me not to do more than one audience participation per show, but oh well. You're going to start off snapping your fingers to this song ok? And then after about 30 seconds, you're going to realize that doesn't work and switch to clapping."

Before 4:02: JL: "Ok, this next song is a true story, too long to explain [in some weird combination of a french and pirate accent] so I am going to take on this silly acCent. wHy? wHy do I pronounce the H in wHy?" Then Flans did the same thing with someone's name or something similar, I don't quite remember, but it was pretty funny. As Linnell picks up the saxophone: JF: "And of course, the saxophone would not be complete without its arch nemesis, the guitar synthesizer" DM: [plays on the synthesizer, a horn sound] JF:"See, aren't you confused? It sounds like a horn—but it's not!!"

Near the end of the concert: JF: "Next time maybe we can get them to take down this barricade thing, I don't think there's much of a security problem around here. Then I could crowd surf. Just think, 240 pounds of Flans comin at ya!" Some guy in the crowd: "Bring it on!" Flans: "I hate that phrase: 'bring it on.' It's so dumb."

Trying to start a song: JF: "So, are you guys waiting for me to start, or what? How does this song start anyways?" JL:"Well, Hickey's waiting for you to stop talking, then he'll start with the drums." JF: "Well, I'm just sitting here, talking so I can think about this song, about the lyrics... Just start without me."

Before Dr. Worm: JF: There's one song that the Dans hate to play. But we make them play it. Me and John really don't like to play it either, but the fans in the audience seem to really like it. "Play the worm song" they say... so here you go."

They also did an appropriate and amusing rendition of Why Does the Sun Shine? At the part where Flans names the gases on the sun ("On the sun, everything is a gas....") except instead of gases it went something like "macramé, hemp, incense, tie-dye, patchouli, the essence of patchouli, they are all gases. Printmaking, screen printing, those little necklaces... all gases. You didn't know that, did you? On the sun everything is a gas, even kilns. Kilns! Kilns are gas on the sun!" etc etc, it went on for a while.... They ended with the last song on their children's album [Sleepwalkers]. After the set, I didn't really see them around signing autographs or anything, but then again we pretty much went to the food stands for dinner. After eating though, I did see Dan Hickey pursuing the booths and the second stage, but of course didn't approach him, being the person I am.