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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Dustin:
I was hoping for Sapphire Bullets to play but LA is not that lucky! The show did not have as much energy as San Diego. This "special" afternoon show just turned out to be a shorter watered down version of San Diego! People in the crowd wanted to hear Wicked Little Critta but alas we were not given it!

Review by Clarissa Franta:
There were Mickey Mouse references. There was confetti. There were Giants. There was also Dan Weinkauf's wife and baby, which was amusing. The show was great, I say from my place as an underage San Diegan who was unable to see the (stupidly) 21+ show. The strange environment of Disney and House of Blues land made things all the more interesting, and although the show may have been "watered down" it was still beautifully excuted, with comments such as the one regarding "Drink!" sanitized to "this is a song about being reeallly thirsty. "Spin the Dial" was cutely dominated by songs in Spanish, and a rap song to which the chorus was "I'm singin' the chorus, I'm singin' the chorus." "In the Middle" was the perfect song for the setting (hey, it WAS Disneyland) and all the cute NO! kids with their funny parents grooved along. There were a lot of seven-year-olds, though. It was rather weird.